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2023 Hurricane Field Program

Hurricane Field Program 2023 Season Scroll Down For More! The 2023 Hurricane Field Program supports NOAA’s Advancing the Prediction of Hurricanes Experiment (APHEX). This page is organized by projects that support research into the lifecycle stages of storms, from genesis to end stage, as well as ocean observations and satellite validation. About APHEX: Developed in [...]
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Hurricane Gliders

Hurricane Gliders Improving Hurricane Forecasts With Upper Ocean Observations JUMP TO DATA        DEPLOYMENT MAP OR SCROLL TO LEARN MORE members Who We Are The genesis, path, and intensity of Atlantic Ocean hurricanes are linked to atmospheric and ocean conditions. During the last 20 years, the improvements of hurricane intensity forecasts, and in [...]
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Congratulations to the Winners of 2022 Department of Commerce and NOAA Awards!

Congratulations to all of the 2022 Department of Commerce and NOAA Award winners! AOML is proud to recognize the achievements of our outstanding scientists and staff for their vital contributions to increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of NOAA. From creative problem solving in the face of unforeseen challenges to developing innovative tools and techniques in […]

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