Communications Services

Communications Services

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Communications Services at AOML

Our team is here to make sure our stakeholders, partners, internal offices and the public know about the great research being done at our lab.

Our capabilities include crafting social media content, administering the website content, making videos, and creating communications materials for stakeholders and congressional briefings.

In addition, we also provide help with science presentations, handle internal reporting to OAR and NOAA, help field media requests and plan and staff events. We maintain permanent staff and have rotating interns on a per-year basis. Look below to determine the point of contact for your project. If you are unsure who to contact, please send a general email to AOML Communications.

Who We Are

| Laura Chaibongsai

Communications Specialist

AOML Communications Lead

| Gail Derr

Senior Editor

Manuscript Editing & Keynotes Newsletter

| Thia Griffin-Elliott

Communications Specialist

Science Communication, Design & Web Development

| Rayne Sabatello

Communications Specialist

Physical Oceanography, Web Content & Research Highlights

| Christopher Malanuk

2023 OCED Communications Intern

Ocean Chemistry & Ecosystems Web Stories, and Research Highlights

Marike Pinsonneault

2023 Office of the Director Communications Intern

Social Media, Research Highlights, Photography & Videography

What We Do

Internal Reporting

We share our success with the Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research by reporting significant research activities, international engagement and travel, transitions from research to operations, publications and collaborations with partners. Contact Gail Derr about your recent updates, or access the OAR Hub  with your NOAA email address to read the latest.

Keynotes Newsletter

Our internally-focused Keynotes newsletter has been published since 1997 by our editor Gail Derr. These issues are published quarterly or bimonthly and offer a great internal history of AOML activities. NOAA employees can access the back issues in the Keynotes Archive.

Web Content Updates

Engaging web content helps effectively deliver our research to the public and stakeholders. We continue to develop content and update existing content for our website. Contact Laura Chaibongsai for content update requests or for help developing new pages.

Media Relations

We work with other NOAA line offices and NOAA public relations to craft stories that highlight the best of our science and provide up to the moment news. Get the latest News here or contact Laura Chaibongsai for help with media stories.

Social Media Posts

We deliver our content straight to the public with a robust social media strategy. We have accounts with Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. Contact Holly Stahl to get your news posted on our social channels.

Video Content

We have developed a library of video content on our Youtube channel to increase engagement among our community. We continue to find new ways to show the impacts of our research through digital media. Contact AOML Communications for video content requests.

Congressional Briefing Materials

Our team prepares literature and media for use in our periodic congressional briefings. These communications resources showcase our best work and how it benefits the public. Contact Laura Chaibongsai for more information.


Our communications team helps facilitate events and science meetings that take place at AOML. We offer assistance with planning and providing resources for meetings. Contact Laura Chaibongsai for any event requests.

Outreach Activities

AOML and affiliate staff regularly participate in opportunities to support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) in our community and beyond. If you have conducted outreach activities, please report on them using this Google Form.

Research Highlights

Our communications team writes short news stories for our website to highlight the research happening at AOML. These stories range from highlighting recent publications and projects to recognizing individual scientists for receiving awards. Contact Rayne Sabatello (PhOD), Olivia Howson (OCED) or Holly Stahl (HRD) for news story requests.

Outreach Materials

Our communications team creates 2-page flyers and brochures to highlight AOML research topics or specific projects. We also create story maps to display research in a fun and interactive way. Examples can be found on our Outreach & Education webpage. Contact AOML Communications for any outreach material requests.

If you are unsure who to contact, please send a general email to AOML Communications.


*To access the resources below you need to be logged into your NOAA.Gov email address.*

Blog Posting

Do you have news worthy research, a recent publication, or a new and exciting project that you would like to be highlighted on AOML’s website? Fill out the news story template and email it to the communications team.

View this blog training powerpoint for tips and tricks on how to write a news story for the AOML website.

Media Materials

A Scientists Guide to Getting Quality Photos and Videos in the Field: AOML Media guidelines

AOML Social Media Guidelines:  Social Media Best Practices

Are you going to be interviewed by the media? Check out AOML’s Media Training folder

Photo Repository

Looking for photos? Check out the communications photos & videos folder with media starting from 1992.

Have photos you would like to share? Drop them in your divisional Photo Collection folder (HRD, PHOD, OCED) and then fill out the corresponding Photo Information spreadsheet (HRD, PHOD, OCED).

Website Materials

Would you like to have a newly designed webpage to show off your research? Check out our webpage content criteria documents (Theme page or project page). If you think your work qualifies for a webpage, contact Kristina Kiest or Rayne Sabatello (PhOD) and we will review your proposal and get back to you.

Need help creating or editing a web page? Check out AOML’s Website Training Guide & Resources slideshow.

Outreach Materials

Have you recently been a part of outreach for AOML? Don’t forget to fill out the outreach tracker Google form. This helps the communications team keep track of AOML’s outreach efforts, so we can report them as part of our Education metrics.

Fostering Environmental Education with

Community Engagement

Our team works to ensure it is an actively contributing member of our community. Visit our Outreach & Education page to learn more about our engagement with the public and see our educational resources.

Liz Dutra & Chris Singalliano at coral station, Open House 2018
Liz Dutra & Chris Singalliano at coral station, Open House 2018