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Crossing the Equator and Navigating Icebergs: The A13.5 GO-SHIP Returns After 52 Days At Sea 

Wind, waves, and icebergs pierced through morning fog – the A13.5 GO-SHIP cruise proved both tumultuous and rewarding with vast amounts of new data that bring the promise of groundbreaking future research.  After 52 days at sea, the A13.5 GO-SHIP cruise (short for “Global Ocean Ship-based Hydrographical Investigations Program”) returned to Cape Town, South Africa […]

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OCC Charcot

Le Commandant Charcot Underway pCO2 Data SCROLL TO LEARN MORE Dr. Rik Wanninkhof Dr. Denis Pierrot About the Le Commandant Charcot Le Commandant Charcot is an icebreaking cruise ship operated by the French operator: Compagnie du Ponant. It is a Polar Class 2 rated icebreaking vessel capable of reaching remote polar destinations such as the [...]
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OCC A13.5 2024 Participants

A13.5 2024 Cruise Participants  Participating Institutions AOML PMEL CIMAS RSMAS CICOES UH LDEO WHOI UC Irvine UCSB UW Princeton ULB SIO NGI ESR TAMU U. Del UT Tyler U. Abomey Calavi NOAA - Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory NOAA - Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory Cooperative Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Studies/University of Miami Rosenstiel School [...]
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OCC A13.5 2024 Cruise

A13.5 2024 GO-SHIP/CO2 Repeat Hydrography Cruise Analyzing Decadal Changes in the Ocean’s Circulation and Uptake of Anthropogenic CO2 SCROLL TO LEARN MORE Chief Scientist: Zachary Erickson Co-Chief Scientist: Jesse Anderson Depart: Mindelo, Cape Verde on February 1, 2024 Arrive: Cape Town, South Africa on March 23, 2024 The A13.5 cruise is in the southeastern Atlantic [...]
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Adrianne Wilson

Research Highlights January 23, 2024A Collaborative Effort Investigates the Biological Carbon Pump, Deploying Sediment Traps Hundreds of Meters BelowNovember 16, 2023Failing Upwards: Developing an Autonomous Surface Vehicle to Advance ‘Omics Research July 10, 2023AOML Interns Dive into DNA Extraction and Processing Coral Samples for ‘Omics Analyses  Research Interests Fisheries ecology and population dynamics Bioinformatics and eDNA [...]
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OCC Flux Maps

Air-Sea CO2 Flux Maps SCROLL TO LEARN MORE Creating Flux Maps - Approach The major goal of NOAA's Global Carbon Cycle Program (GCCP) is to quantify sources and sinks of carbon dioxide. One means of doing this is to determine the CO2 flux across the air-sea interface. The air-sea CO2 flux is defined as the [...]
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Richard Wanninkhof

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