Congratulations to the Winners of 2022 Department of Commerce and NOAA Awards!

Congratulations to all of the 2022 Department of Commerce and NOAA Award winners! AOML is proud to recognize the achievements of our outstanding scientists and staff for their vital contributions to increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of NOAA. From creative problem solving in the face of unforeseen challenges to developing innovative tools and techniques in order to advance NOAA’s mission, they have all shown tremendous dedication. 

IMag eof the dpeartment of commerce logo, used to portray the 2022  bronze award

2022 DOC Bronze Award Medals

Lidia Cucurull received the NESDIS Award for Scientific and Engineering, for ensuring that NOAA’s next generation geostationary satellite system will meet the most critical observing needs for our nation and partners.

Christopher Kelble was awarded the NMFS Award for Administrative or Technical Support for providing ready access to NOAA information and data on the status of ecosystems that support valuable U.S. marine fisheries, species, and services, with support from CIMAS partner Willem Klajbor.

Emily B. Osborne and Ian Enochs, along with CIMAS partner Leticia Barbero, received the OAR Award for Leadership in developing the Ocean, Coastal, and Great Lakes Acidification 2020-2029 Research Plan to advance NOAA’s response to acidification. Osborne served as the report editor and chapter lead for the National chapter. Enochs led the chapter for the Florida Keys and Caribbean Region Acidification Research. Barbero was the chapter lead for the Gulf of Mexico Chapter.

Gregory Foltz, with support from CIMAS partners Shaun Dolk and Denis Volkov, received the OAR Award for Scientific or Engineering Achievement in the design and implementation of the complex Atlantic Tradewind Ocean-atmosphere Mesoscale Interaction Campaign.

Paul Reasor and John Gamache have been awarded the OAR Award for Scientific or Engineering Achievement for the successful delivery of operational, near real-time Doppler radar data from the NOAA Hurricane Hunter aircraft to the National Hurricane Center.

Charles Featherstone and Emy Rodriguez received the OAR Award for Administrative or Technical Support for turning the canceled GO-SHIP A13.5 cruise into a new mission that maximized autonomous instrument deployments and surface water data collection, with support from their CIMAS partners:  Leticia Barbero (Chief Scientist), James (Jay) Hooper, Patrick Mears, Ian Smith, Leah Chomiak.

AOML’s Hurricane Research Division, led by Frank Marks and including CIMAS partners: Jason Dunion, Kathryn Sellwood, and Jonathan Zawislak, won the OMAO Award for Scientific or Engineering Achievement for the rapid development of an application allowing aircraft acquired dropwindsonde data to be processed and disseminated from the ground.

NOAA's official logo used to stand for the NOAA Administrator awards

NOAA Administrator’s Awards 

 Jasmin John was awarded the NOAA Administrator’s award for advancing the understanding of the Earth System by developing and applying NOAA’s state-of-the-art Coupled Carbon-Chemistry-Climate model, during her time at NOAA’s Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory.

Claudia Schmid, Emily Osborne, Molly Baringer, and Jay Harris, and their CIMAS Partners: Jodi Brewster, Jaya Nair, Bo Yang, Cedrick Estelhomme, Brandon Navarro, Yuanyuan Xu, were awarded the NOAA Administrator’s award for outstanding advances in the U.S. Ocean observing and processing of biogeochemical Argo float data, leading to a new era of global oceanography.

NOAA Silver Sherman Award

Gail M. Derr received the NOAA Silver Sherman award, which recognizes NOAA employees who perform work above their normal requirements to help fulfill NOAA’s mission, achieve a milestone that contributes significantly or critically toward a particular program goal, or demonstrate leadership toward process improvement of a significant magnitude. Gail was selected for her exemplary service toward improving science communication at AOML through the outstanding production of AOML’s quarterly Keynotes publication and editing services for employees at AOML.

NOAA Richard H. Hagemeyer Award

Jason Dunion was awarded the NOAA Richard H. Hagemeyer Award for leadership that has made substantial long-term contributions to the United States hurricane program.

NOAA OAR Employee of the Year

Sang-Ki Lee and Hosmay Lopez, with their CIMAS partner Dongmin Kim, were awarded the OAR Employee of the Year award (Personal and Professional Development category) for groundbreaking scientific research that evaluates how El Niño-Southern Oscillation events will evolve in all seasons as a result of anthropogenic climate change, with significant implications for future Atlantic hurricane season intensities and springtime tornado outbreaks in the United States.

Kelly D. Goodwin was awarded the OAR Employee of the Year award (Administrative and Technical Support category)for leading and coordinating the inception and formalization of NOAA’s ‘Omics Program to advance the ‘omics portfolio across OAR and NOAA.

NOAA OAR EEO/Diversity Award

Sim D. Aberson, Jasmin G. John, Emily B. Osborne, Ruth Almonte, and Alejandra Lorenzo (members of OAR’s Diversity and Inclusion Advisory and EEO Advisory Committees) were awarded the OAR EEO/Diversity award for diligent efforts to expand diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility activities and awareness by establishing five working groups, a “What’s New” slide deck for members to share with their respective labs, programs, and staff offices, and leading the initiative to prevent sexual assault and sexual harassment during field work.

NOAA OAR Team Member of the Month

William D. Ramstrom (CIMAS) was recognized in March 2022 as the OAR Team Member of the Month for contributions that have improved hurricane structure and intensity predictions that will greatly benefit the public and emergency managers in their decision-making.