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Samantha Harding

Research Highlights November 16, 2023Failing Upwards: Developing an Autonomous Surface Vehicle to Advance ‘Omics Research July 10, 2023AOML Interns Dive into DNA Extraction and Processing Coral Samples for ‘Omics Analyses December 22, 2022“Long-read” genetic sequencing improves scientists’ ability to recover genomes of plankton Samantha (Sammy) Harding ‘Omics Laboratory Technician, Ocean Chemistry and Ecosystems Division Not Available [...]
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Kayelyn Simmons

Research Highlights Research Interests Characterizing temporal and spatial changes in benthic cover and coral assemblages using structure-from-motion photogrammetry Monitoring spatiotemporal variations in coral reef habitats at multiple spatial scales relevant to marine life and management objectives Using fine-scale spatial data to better inform management, conservation and restoration strategies in coastal ecosystems Kayelyn Simmons, Ph.D. Oceanographer, [...]
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Leticia Barbero

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