Women’s History Month: Ocean Acidification with Leticia Barbero

Dr. Leticia Barbero is a chemical oceanographer at NOAA’s Cooperative Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Studies at the University of Miami. In her role, she works with AOML to study the carbon dioxide system in the ocean, specifically ocean acidification in the coastal waters of the  U.S. East Coast and Gulf of Mexico.

Leticia’s work is mostly focused on ocean acidification studies. Ocean acidification is the decrease in pH that occurs as a result of increased carbon concentrations in the ocean. The increased acidity can have significant impacts on ecosystems and organisms.  Leticia’s group collects carbon chemistry data in the coastal waters of the U.S. East coast and Gulf of Mexico through a variety of approaches including discrete samples, research cruises, and even ships of opportunity like cruise ships and cargo vessels that carry CO2 sampling equipment.

Leticia often serves as chief scientist on research cruises, including Gulf of Mexico cruises that take place every four years. Here she leads a multidisciplinary team of scientists collecting data on the physics, chemistry and biology of our coastal waters, all with the purpose of monitoring trends of ocean acidification and how it could impact local communities.

You can access the full interview with Leticia Barbero here.