AOML Scientists Awarded the Department of Commerce Bronze Medal

AOML is proud to recognize the recent achievements of our outstanding scientists who were recently awarded the Department of Commerce Bronze Medal for outstanding contributions which have increased the efficiency and effectiveness of NOAA. Kelly Goodwin was honored for her Leadership in the development of the Omics program in NOAA. Ian and Derek are honored for their contributions to addressing Stoney Coral Tissue Loss Disease in the FL Keys. 

AOML microbiologist Kelly Goodwin is honored as one of the principal architects of the NOAA ‘Omics Strategy, and for her research that has advanced ‘Omics science.  Goodwins has worked to further eDNA research and autonomous ‘Omics applications in the field. She has also  championed the development of ‘Omics-related bioinformatics computing capacity at AOML and at NOAA’s Southeast Fisheries Science Center, which is helping to improve and reduce ship-based fisheries oceanographic endeavors, and thus advance ocean science and stewardship, reduce ship time and costs, and in so doing, significantly support the Blue Economy within reasonable budget constraints.

AOML research ecologists Derek Manzello and Ian Enochs are part of a team of NOAA scientists and managers who are honored for leading the federal response to stony coral tissue loss disease in Florida. The team worked closely with state and local governments, academia, and non-governmental organizations to address the initial outbreak of the disease off the coast of Miami. The group then monitored the spread of the disease throughout the Florida Keys reef tract, conducted research into the cause and treatment of the disease, and offered a way to restore reefs in the future by collecting non-diseased coral specimens to repopulate coral species lost to the disease.