Glider School, Class Is in Session!

AOML scientists recently traveled to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, respectively, to train members of the CARICOOS and ANAMAR ocean glider teams in the removal and installation of science sensors in the fleet of AOML underwater gliders.  The training also included installing new batteries and ballasting the gliders for a mission as well as testing the gliders’ functionality in preparation for upcoming missions.

These gliders will be deployed during the upcoming 2020 hurricane season to collect oceanographic data which will contribute to hurricane intensity forecasting studies.

AOML engineer and two CARICOOS members work on a glider during a training in Puerto Rico
AOML engineer, Grant Rawson, trains CARICOOS team members on glider maintainence.
CARICOOS members in Puerto Rico get hands-on training with ocean gliders which will be deployed during the 2020 hurricane season.
Diego Ugaz of AOML traveled to the Dominican Republic to train the team members at ANAMAR.