Keynotes April-June 2021

AOML’s newest issue of the Keynotes Newsletter is now live! This issue offers in-depth research highlights about new technology for the 2021 hurricane season, the ocean’s role in fueling hurricanes, new uses for Ship of Opportunity Data, new research on heat tolerant corals, eDNA and it’s connection to marine food webs, new sargassum tracking tools, recent publications, and more. Download the PDF file for the full issue.

Inside the Issue:

Scientists at AOML Prepare for the 2021 Hurricane Season with New Technology 

2021 Hurricane Season to Feature an Array of New Technology 

AOML Deploys Gliders in Support of Hurricane Forecasts and Research 

Ocean Conditions Played Major Role in the Intensification of Hurricane Michael 

NOAA Predicts Another Active Atlantic Hurricane Season 

AOML to Use Ship of Opportunity Data in Support of Extreme Weather Forecasts and Sea Level Studies 

Heat Tolerant Corals May Be the Key to Improving Restoration Efforts 

AOML Scientist Collects eDNA to Make Connections in Marine Food Webs 

Coral Growth in Flower Garden Banks Approaches Threshold as Sea Temperatures Rise 

New Tool Tracks Sargassum Inundation Potential for Coastal Communities 

Scientists at AOML Develop First-ever Daily Estimates of Heat Transport in the South Atlantic Ocean

AOML Welcomes Summer Interns…Virtually! 

Recap: AOML Hosts First Virtual Open House 

Staff Congratulations, Welcome Aboard and Farewell

Recent Publications