An Improved One-Dimensional Bending Angle Forward Operator for the Assimilation of Radio Occultation Profiles in the Lower Troposphere

Cucurull, L., & Purser, R. J. (2023). An improved one-dimensional bending angle forward operator for the assimilation of radio occultation profiles in the lower troposphere. Monthly Weather Review151(5), 1093-1108.

Abstract: Under very large vertical gradients of atmospheric refractivity, which are typical at the height of the planetary boundary layer, the assimilation of radio occultation (RO) observations into numerical weather prediction (NWP) models presents several serious challenges. In such conditions, the assimilation of RO bending angle profiles is an ill-posed problem, the uncertainty associated with the RO observations is higher, and the one-dimensional forward operator used to assimilate these observations has several theoretical deficiencies. As a result, a larger percentage of these RO observations are rejected at the NWP centers by existing quality control procedures, potentially limiting the benefits of this data type to improve weather forecasting in the lower troposphere…

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