Evan Forde Named Federal ­Employee of the Year for Community Service

AOML oceanographer Evan B. Forde was named the Federal ­Employee of the Year for the Service to the Community category at the 54th annual South Florida Federal ­Executive Board’s banquet on June 21st.  For over 30 years Forde has volunteered hundreds of hours per year to creating/enhancing public education and spoken to over 70,000 South Florida school children during appearances designed to inspire their achievement. During that period, he has also organized and participated in regular efforts to feed hungry families and worked in numerous roles that have improved his community. Forde serves on the board of directors of a Boys and Girls Club where he regularly interacts with the students and has promoted programs designed to enhance parental participation.  He is currently the Vice Steward of the employee union for AOML and President of the Miami Chapter of the American Meteorology Society.