AOML’s Ian Enochs Awarded DOC Silver Medal Award

AOML coral ecologist, Ian Enochs, was recently awarded with the Department of Commerce Silver Medal Award for his leadership in developing and implementing the Sub-Surface Automated Sampler (SAS).  The DOC Silver Medal is awarded to federal employees for exceptional performance characterized by noteworthy contributions which have a direct and lasting impact.  

Ian is honored for his leadership, tenacity, and creativity in designing and developing the SAS along with CIMAS colleague Nathan Formel.  The cost-effective sampler, which can be built for $214, makes field work more efficient by enabling researchers to study coral reef carbonate chemistry at finer spatial and temporal scales.

We congratulate Ian for this achievement and for bringing to light the amazing NOAA and CIMAS innovators of AOML.

  • Ian Enochs, pictured with his wife and son, awarded with the DOC Silver Medal Award.
  • Subsurface Automated Sampler

Top: Ian Enochs awarded with the DOC Silver Medal Award. Image Credit: NOAA

Bottom: The Subsurface Automated Sampler, developed by Enochs and colleague Nathan Formel, makes field work more efficient by reducing time and cost involved. Image Credit: NOAA