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Taylor Gill

Research Interests I am interested in understanding the impact of ocean acidification and global warming on coral reef communities in the Florida Keys. Taylor Gill Mission: Iconic Reefs Climate Monitoring Coordinator, Coral Program, Ocean Chemistry and Ecosystems Division Google Voice 786.548.0914 Taylor_Gill 4301 Rickenbacker Causeway Miami, Florida 33149 AboutCurrent WorkEducationAwardsAbout Taylor Gill began her [...]
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Esa Peltola

Esa Peltola Oceanographer, Ocean Chemistry and Ecosystems Division 305.361.4391 4301 Rickenbacker Causeway Miami, Florida 33149 AboutCurrent WorkPublicationsEducationAwardsAbout Esa Peltola is an oceanographer with the Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory and is currently the Finance Manager for the Ocean Chemistry and Ecosystems Division of AOML. He received his Licentiate Degree from the University of Jyvaskyla [...]
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AOML Welcomes 2023 Summer Interns

On National Intern Day, AOML is celebrating our largest internship class ever of 36 interns ranging from high school students to post doctoral fellows. They are joining us from schools across the country, from California to Florida, and are researching corals, microbes, hurricanes, air-sea interaction, ocean acidification, communications strategies, and much more, all within our 4 divisions:

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What a Marine Heatwave Means for South Florida

A marine heatwave has spread across the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean with temperatures ranging between one and three degrees Celsius (~2-4.5˚F) above average. Ocean temperatures around south Florida are the warmest on record for the month of July (dating back to 1981). Marine heatwaves are not unprecedented, but their influence on tropical storm development and coral reef health, as well as the persistence of the current heatwave, are among the causes for concern. 

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Denis Pierrot

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