Ryan H. Smith


4301 Rickenbacker Causeway
Miami, FL 33149, USA
Phone: (305) 361-4328

Research Interests

  • Circulation patterns and water mass transport into and out of the Caribbean Sea
  • Regional circulation of south Florida coastal waters
  • Implementation of moored oceanographic sensor arrays
  • Development of real-time oceanographic monitoring stations
  • Lowered and hull-mounted acoustic Doppler current profiler applications

Current Work



Reed, J.K., S. Farrington, A. David, S. Harter, S. Pomponi, C. Diaz, J. Voss, K.D. Spring, A.C. Hine, V. Kourafalou, R.H. Smith, A.C. Vaz, C.B. Paris, M.D. Hanisak, 2019: Pulley Ridge, Gulf of Mexico, U.S.A., Chapter 4 in Mesophotic Reefs of the World, K. Puglise, Y. Loya (eds.), Springer, 57-69. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-92735-0_4. [pdf]

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Kourafalou, V.H., Y.S. Androulidakis, H. Kang, R.H. Smith, and A. Valle-Levinson, 2018: Physical connectivity between Pulley Ridge and Dry Tortugas coral reefs under the influence of the Loop Current/Florida Current system. Prog. Oceanogr., 165, 75-99. doi:10.1016/j.pocean.2018.05.004. [pdf]


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Selected Posters

  • Smith, R.H., and E.M. Johns, 2014: Deepwater Horizon Science. AOML Program Review, Miami, FL March 4-6, 2014. [pdf]

  • Smith, R.H., T.L. Gerard, E.M. Johns, and J.T. Lamkin, 2008: Fisheries Oceanography in the Virgin Islands: Preliminary Results from a Collaborative Research Endeavor, EOS Trans. AGU, 89(23), Jt. Assem. Suppl., Abstract OS43A-02. [pdf]

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  • Smith, R.H., E.M. Johns, S.R. Cummings, P.B. Ortner, C.R. Kelble, N. Melo, and T.N. Lee. The influence of the 2005 hurricane season on water quality in Florida Bay and surrounding coastal waters. Proceedings, 2005 Florida Bay and Adjacent Marine Systems Science Conference, Duck Key, FL December 11-14, 2005. University of Florida, 146-147 2005. [pdf]

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  • Smith, R.H., E.M. Johns, W.D. Wilson, T.N. Lee, and E. Williams. Moored observations of salinity variability in Florida Bay and south Florida coastal waters on daily to interannual time scales. Proceedings, 2001 Florida Bay and Adjacent Marine Systems Science Conference, Key Largo, FL, April 23-26, 2001. University of Florida, 42-43 2001. [pdf]

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