Frank Marks, Sc.D. honored with the OAR Dr. Daniel L. Albritton Outstanding Science Communicator Award

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Oceanic and Atmospheric Research Dr. Daniel L. Albritton Outstanding Science Communicator Award recognizes outstanding achievement in communicating the meaning and value of NOAA-related science and research to non-scientific audiences. The award is named in honor of Dr. Daniel L. Albritton, a retired OAR scientist, who proved to be one of the most effective communicators of NOAA research and related science.

The 2018 award was given to Frank Marks, Sc.D., Director of HRD, for his outstanding communication of NOAA research and its relevance to the American public. Frank’s tireless work to advance the state of tropical cyclone knowledge has fostered improvements in ground-based, airborne, and spaceborne radar technology, data analysis, and numerical modeling. His role as co-chair of the NOAA Hurricane Irene Service Assessment team has contributed to increased interaction between stakeholders and the storm-affected public, as well as, the development of recommendations for NOAA and NWS to improve communications of the risks to our customers. Frank has always made time to communicate and mentor meteorologists throughout their careers: from high school students dreaming of a career in meteorology to senior staff wanting to be better scientists and managers. He is considered a key contributor in assisting and motivating many peers through their careers.

Congratulations to Frank on this important honor.