Marlos Goes

Marlos Goes, PhD.

Oceanographer (University of Miami/CIMAS), Physical Oceanography Division


4301 Rickenbacker Causeway
Miami, Florida 33149

“Humboldt, ‘the first of travellers’, but not
The last, if late accounts be accurate,
Invented, by some name I have forgot,
As well as the sublime discovery’s date,
An airy instrument, with which he sought
To ascertain the atmospheric state,
By measuring ‘the intensity of the blue’:
O, Lady Amphitrite! Let me measure you!”

(Adapted from Lord Byron)

Dr. Marlos Goes is an Associate Scientist at the University of Miami’s Cooperative Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Studies (CIMAS) and the Physical Oceanography department at AOML. Dr. Goes received his Masters and PhD from the Oceanographic Institute of the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and worked as a postdoctoral associate at the Pennsylvania State University. His primary interest is understanding and predicting the large-scale oceanic variability, and assessing its impacts on Earth’s climate.

Dr. Goes joined CIMAS and AOML in 2010 as an Assistant Scientist, before becoming an Associate Scientist in 2020. Since joining CIMAS, Dr. Goes has worked and published papers on geoengineering, the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation, western boundary and equatorial currents, sea level variability, ocean observing system optimization, improving instrumentation, air-sea interaction, paleoceanography, climate modeling, Bayesian statistics and data analysis.

Current Work

Impact of the ocean on extreme precipitation

Sea level variability of eastern boundary of the Atlantic Ocean

XBT transect network

The past, present and future of the Atlantic Overturning Circulation

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1999, B.S. Physics, University of Campinas, Brazil

2001, M.S. Oceanography, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

2006, Ph. D. Oceanography, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

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    Ref. 4406
  2. Goes, M., S. Dong, G.R. Foltz, G. Goni, D.L. Volkov, and I. Wainer. Modulation of western South Atlantic marine heatwaves by meridional ocean heat transport. Journal of Geophysical Research-Oceans, 129(3):e2023JC019715, 2024
    Ref. 4390
  3. Pita, I., M. Goes, D.L. Volkov, S. Dong, G. Goni, and M. Cirano. An Argo and XBT observing system for the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation and meridional heat transport (AXMOC) at 22.5°S. Journal of Geophysical Research, 129(1):e2023JC020010, 2024
    Ref. 4379

CIMAS Cash-in-a-Flash Award 2021

For outstanding work as lead advisor for RSMAS graduate students.