Leticia Barbero

Leticia Barbero, Ph.D.

Research Scientist, Ocean Chemistry and Ecosystems Division

4301 Rickenbacker Causeway
Miami, Florida 33149

Dr. Leticia Barbero is a chemical oceanographer at AOML’s Ocean Chemistry and Ecosystems Division. She studies the carbon dioxide system in the ocean, specifically ocean acidification in the coastal waters of the East Coast and Gulf of Mexico and is the lead PI for the AOML Ocean Carbon Cycle group’s Ocean Acidification program. She supervises the collection of carbon chemistry data in the East and Gulf of Mexico coasts of the U.S. through a variety of approaches including ships of opportunity, discrete samples or specific research cruises. The Gulf of Mexico cruises take place every four years and they incorporate a multidisciplinary team of scientists collecting data on the physics, chemistry and biology of our coastal waters, all with the purpose of monitoring trends of OA and how it could impact local communities. Dr. Barbero also engages in outreach activities providing guidance and training to groups that are interested in starting their own OA programs.

Current Work

Principal Investigator for the Ocean Carbon Cycle group’s Ocean Acidification Program

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Department of Commerce Bronze Medal 2022
For turning the canceled GO-SHIP A13.5 cruise into a new mission that maximized autonomous instrument deployments and surface water data collection.

NOAA Employee/Team Member of the Week Award 2020
For COVID-19 Response from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for collecting basinwide, underway samples and measurements, as well as deploying floats and drifters, across the Atlantic after being ordered to return immediately to the United States. Her creativity and perseverance resulted in a cross-basin, multi-disciplinary set of samples, supporting critical NOAA research and the deployment of long-term observing platforms that will provide data for years to come.