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Extratropical Transition

Principal Investigator Sim Aberson (AOML/HRD)

Collaborating Scientists

Objective : Improvement of forecasts of the transition of tropical cyclones to extratropical cyclones.

  • targeting observations of opportunity such as dropwindsondes from various platforms to those regions most likely to positive impact the specific forecast
  • obtain a number of snapshots of a cyclone undergoing transition
  • provide improved environmental data sets for other research projects.

Methods :

This will be accomplished by:

  • conducting Observing Systems Experiments (OSEs)
  • obtaining over-sampled data sets to test targeting strategies
  • synoptic examination of the data

Accomplishments :

  • Created a comprehensive plan, in coordination with THORPEX, to obtain data on extratropical transition during the 2003 hurricane season and for the THORPEX Pacific Area Regional Campaign.
  • Three P-3 flights into Tropical Storm Odette (2003) and two into Tropical Storm Ophelia (2005) successfully gathered data, and initial analysis completed.

FY08 proposed milestones :

  • Continue analysis of Noel, Odette, Ophelia, and Hurricane Michelle cases.
  • Plan and participate in THORPEX Pacific Area Regional Campaign.

References :

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Last modified: 05/10/2005

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