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The Atlantic Hurricane Database Re-analysis Project is an effort to extend and revise the National Hurricane Center's North Atlantic hurricane database (or HURDAT). Going back to 1851 and revisiting storms in more recent years, information on tropical cyclones is revised using an enhanced collection of historical meteorological data in the context of today's scientific understanding of hurricanes and analysis techniques.

To receive email updates about progress in the Atlantic Hurricane Re-analysis Project, send an email to Chris Landsea.

What's New

February 2024 - Radius of Maximum Wind (RMW) has been included into the Atlantic HURDAT2 for historic U.S. impacting hurricanes. This is based upon the work of Delián Colon Burgós accomplishe while a Hollings Scholar at the National Hurricane Center during the summer of 2022.
April 2023 - The Atlantic and Norht East/North Central Pacific hurricane seasons for 2022 have been added to the hurricane databases (HURDAT2).
September 2022 - The 1944 Great Atlantic Hurricane has been upgraded to a Category 5 hurricane over the open ocean based upon recently rediscovered ship logs from the ship USS Alacrity. This was research provided by Jack Beven.
April 2022 - The Atlantic and Norht East/North Central Pacific hurricane seasons for 2021 have been added to the hurricane databases (HURDAT2). Of note is that Radius of Maximum Wind (RMW) has been included for the first time.
February 2022 - Reanalysis of the 1966 to 1970 Atlantic Hurricane Seasons:
A systematic study of the 1966 to 1970 Atlantic hurricane seasons has discovered 14 new tropical storms. Additionally, two new hurricanes were diagnosed, which previously were only considered to be a tropical depression (AL151970) and a tropical storm (AL081970). These systems were all added into the hurricane database (HURDAT2) based upon a re-examination of all weather station, ship, Hurricane Hunter, and satellite observations using today's understanding of tropical cyclone structure and life cycle. On the flip side, two major hurricanes (Francelia - AL131969 and Inga - AL201969) were downgraded to a Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale category 2 hurricane. For U.S. hurricanes, 1966's Alma (AL011966) was upgraded from a Category 2 to a Category 3 hurricane impact in southwest Florida, 1966's Inez (AL091966) was upgraded from a Category 1 to a Category 2 hurricane in south Florida, 1970's Celia (AL041970) was upgraded from a Category 3 to a Category 4 hurricane in lower Texas, and 1969's Gerda (AL161969) was downgraded from a Category 1 hurricane to a tropical storm in Maine.

Archive of What's New

  1. Re-analysis results:
    1. Documentation for 1851 to 1910
    2. Documentation for 1911 to 1920
    3. Documentation for 1921 to 1930
    4. Documentation for 1931 to 1943
    5. Documentation for 1944 to 1953
    6. Documentation for 1954 to 1963
    7. Data
  2. How to submit changes to the HURDAT
  3. Hurricane Andrew's Upgrade
  4. U.S. Hurricane History by State (NWS sites)
  5. HURDAT Reanalysis Related Publications
  6. Publications of Chris Landsea
picture from Florida's Hurricane History
Picture from: "Florida's Hurricane History", by Jay Barnes
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