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Hurricane Surface Winds

Principal Investigator : Mark Powell

Group Members :
Shirley Murillo
Russel St. Fleur
Nirva Morisseau-Leroy
Nick Carrasco
George Soukup
Neal Dorst
Jason Dunion
Sonia Otero

Objective :
To support projects associated with improved analysis of surface wind fields in tropical cyclones. Projects for FY-04 include Army Corps of Engineers, NOPP, and HPCC funded efforts.

First ever realtime tower data into realtime tropical cyclone wind field analysis, first ever feed of wind swath data to realtime damage assessment HAZUS software at FEMA. High frequency, large domain wind field snapshots for Hurricanes Betsy 1965, Lili (2002) and Isidore (2002). Over 100 realtime analyses of 2003 season tropical cyclones. Technical review panel final report to Army Corps of Engineers on ADCIRC model for New Orleans District. Technical guidance to National Institute of Building Sciences and FEMA for HAZUS via the Wind Committee.

References :

FY04 proposed milestones :
Web version of H*Wind, assistance to FEMA for future TC landfall events, MOU with Dominion Power to support future landfall events.

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Last modified: 5/16/2003

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