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How to submit your own re-analysis of a historic Tropical Storm or Hurricane

Official changes to the Atlantic hurricane database are approved by the National Hurricane Center Best Track Change Committee. Thus research conducted by Chris Landsea and colleagues as part of the Atlantic hurricane database reanalysis project likewise goes through this review process. Not all Landsea's recommendations are accepted by the Committee- see Comments/Replies.

If you would like to submit a possible change to an existing tropical cyclone or to propose a new tropical cyclone, this can either be provided to Chris Landsea or directly to the Committee via the Chair - Colin McAdie. In making a recommendation, one should provide the following:

  1. any applicable raw data (ships, stations, aircraft, radar, satellite);
  2. the revised track/intensity; and
  3. a metadata writeup explaining the reasoning behind such a change. Examples of how these are done can be seen in the Raw Data section and in the Metadata section.
Suggestions for changes are certainly welcome, as the more people that become involved with the details of the reanalysis efforts, the better the final product should become.
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