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AOML/Hurricane Research Division

We offer a number of informational flyers to the public covering a range of subjects, including hurricane aircraft, tracking charts, and storm mitigation. These can be downloaded and printed for handouts at hurricane-related public meetings.

Although we urge everyone to install certified hurricane shutters on their doors and windows, if you must resort to plywood shutters then these instructions will offer a better installation method than nailing them over openings.

NOAA Hurricane Seasonal Outlooks

HRD participates in NOAA's annual effort to predict the amount of tropical cyclone activity for the coming Atlantic hurricane season. Below you will find links to an explanation of what factors NOAA uses in formulating its outlook as well the outlook itself and an archive of past efforts.

Fujita Analyses

In the 1980s and 90s, Dr. Ted Fujita of the University of Chicago had a contract with NOAA to produce damage analyses of U.S. landfalling hurricanes. These analyses were printed as posters and made available to researchers. Below are scans of these posters. The red arrows indicate the direction of wind that caused visible debris and the length of the arrow the estimated strength of the wind on the Fujita scale. The are also contours with the estimated wind speed and the storm's track.

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