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Tropical Depression #10 2007 missions

Below are flight summaries and data listings of individual aircraft missions into TD 10.

Click on the flight ID for mission summaries. Click on one of the data types to see the flight data. For documentation on the formats see:

* Please note the following NetCDF files contain a base time in Eastern Standard Time not Greenwich Mean Time.

Sept. 19, 2007
N49RF 17:20-01:28 Z Synoptic Surv. NetCDF 1sec Logs
Sept. 20, 2007
USAFr 16:50-23:24 Z Reconnaissance 10 sec
N49RF 17:28-01:31 Z Synoptic Surv. NetCDF 1sec Logs
Sept. 21, 2007
USAFr 10:56-16:57 Z Reconnaissance 10 sec
N42RF 12:54-16:18 Z Ocean Winds ASDL Fast NetCDF* 1sec FD log SFMR
N43RF 21:59-02:36 Z Aerosonde ASDL Fast Slow NetCDF* 1sec ErrSum FD log SFMR
Sept. 22, 2007
N42RF Cancelled

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