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Serial Data files

These are ASCII files of the sequential data collected during a flight at 1-second intervals. Each line contains the flight ID, which is the year, month, and day of the mission followed by a letter identifier of the aircraft used. There follows the time and location of the aircraft and several aircraft and meteorological parameters, such as the speed, pitch, and roll of the plane, and the temperature, humidity, wind direction and speed, and pressure measure at that time. Each parameter is preceeded by a letter designation of the parameters identity with designators and data delimited by commas.


Serial data parameter list
SLALatitudedegrees 23.351
SLOLongitudedegrees -74.810
SGYN-S Ground Speedm/s -69.7
SGXE-W Ground Speedm/s 135.3
SVSVertical Aircraft Speedm/s .0
SDADrift Angledegrees -1.8
SPCPitchdegrees 1.3
SRLRolldegrees -.8
GSGround Speedm/s 152.2
TSMTrue Air Speedm/s 152.7
RARadar Altitudem 6175.0
WDWind Directiondegrees 202.2
WSWind Speedm/s 5.0
WZVertical Wind Speedm/s -.1
TATemperaturedegrees C -7.4
RDDown Radiometerdegrees C 20.5
RSSide Radiometerdegrees C 25.7
TDDew Pointdegrees C -15.6
RHRelative Humidity% 52.5
SPSurface Pressuremb1011.2
PSAircraft Pressuremb483.9
BT1AXBT Channel 1degrees C .1
BT2AXBT Channel 2degrees C .1
BT3AXBT Channel 2degrees C .1
SFWSSFMR Wind Speedm/s 5.7
SFRRSFMR Rain Ratemm/hr 0.0
SFDVSFMR Error flagsnumber15488
SFWSMSFMR Wind Speed (UMass)m/s 0.0
SFRRMSFMR Rain Rate (UMass)mm/hr 0.0
SFDVMSFMR Error flags (UMass)number 0.0
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