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Miscellaneous missions 2014

Below are flight summaries and data listings of individual aircraft missions for Miscellaneous projects.

Click on the flight ID for mission summaries. Click on one of the data types to see the flight data. For documentation on the formats see:

June 06, 2014
USAF 309 (01AAA) 20:32-21:56 Z Invest Log 1sec Transmit
July 27, 2014
USAF 301 (WXWXA) 13:55-19:10 Z Ferry Log 1sec
August 27, 2014
USAF 309 (01FFA) 15:20-19:20 Z Invest Log 1sec SFMR Sondes
September 03, 2014
NOAA 42 (WXWXA) 11:22-14:15 Z COYOTE test Logs
September 04, 2014
NOAA 42 (WXWXA) 16:52-17:17 Z COYOTE test Logs
September 30, 2014
NASA AV6 (WXWXA) 15:00-17:30 Z Global Hawk Intercomparison
NOAA 49 (WXWXA) 14:15-17:30 Z Global Hawk Intercomparison Sondes

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