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This FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is on the topic of hurricanes, typhoons and tropical cyclones. It contains various definitions, answers for some specific questions, information about the various tropical cyclone basins, provides sites that you can access both real- time and historical cyclone information, as well as a book list and references to scientific papers related to tropical cyclones. Any suggestions or corrections may be sent to :

Chris Landsea principal author
Stan Goldenberg co-author
Neal Dorst webmaster
Erica Rule outreach coordinator

version 4.0
August 13, 2004

• Introduction

A brief introduction along with credits and a detailed listing of the questions answered
• Basic Definitions
Some basic definitions of tropical cyclone terms
• Tropical Cyclone Names
The reason for naming tropical cyclones as well as lists of names used and retired
• Tropical Cyclone Modification and Myths
Facts and fictions about tropical cyclones and attempts to modify them
• Tropical Cyclone Winds
The various classification schemes based on wind speed, the structure of winds and how they change with time,the destruction they cause, the amount of energy necessary to drive the winds, and the relation to the central pressure
• Tropical Cyclone Records
Records of tropical cyclones intensity, rainfall, deaths and damage caused, as well as rankings for US landfalling hurricanes.
• Tropical Cyclone Forecasting
Lists of tropical cyclone forecast centers, the computer models used, and seasonal forecast schemes and verifications
• Tropical Cyclone Climatology
The length and peak of hurricane season, long term climate affects on tropical cyclone activity, historical records of US landfalls, probabilities of future landfalls, and lighning with tropical cyclones
• Tropical Cyclone Observation
Satellite observation of tropical cyclones and aircraft reconnaissance
• Real Time Information
Lists On-line resources for real time tropical cyclone data
• Historical Information
Information on past storms, lists of scientific articles and books on tropical cyclones
• Hurricane Preparation
How to prepare for tropical cyclones and information on shutters
• Hurricanes versus Tornadoes
Differences between tropical cyclones and tornadoes and information on tropical cyclone spawned tornadoes
• References
List of scientific articles on tropical cyclones that are referenced in other parts of the FAQ

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