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Hurricanes, Typhoons and Tropical Cyclones Reviewed Articles and Books - 1996

Compiled by Armando Ballart, Noel Charles, and Chris Landsea (NHC)

This is a compilation both of all reviewed research papers and books (or chapters of books) on tropical cyclones that were published in 1996 as received at the NOAA/AOML library.

If there are any additions or corrections, please email me directly.

All Available Journals - 1996


  • none

Atmosphere - Ocean

  • none

Australian Meteorological Magazine

  • Le Marshall, J. F., L. M. Leslie, and A. F. Bennett, 1996: Tropical Cyclone Beti - An Example of the Benefits of Assimilating Hourly Satellite Wind Data. Australian Meteorological Magazine, 45, 275 - 279

Boundary Layer Meteorology

  • none

Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society

  • Willoughby, H. E., and P. G. Black, 1996: Hurricane Andrew in Florida: Dynamics of Disaster. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 77, 543 - 549
  • Burpee, R. W., J. L. Franklin, S. J. Lord, R. E. Tuleya, and S. D. Aberson, 1996: The Impact of Omega Dropwindsondes on Operational Hurricane Track Forecast Models. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 77, 925 - 933
  • Fenandez - Partagas, J., and H. F. Diaz, 1996: Atlantic Hurricanes in the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 77, 2899 - 2906

Climate Dynamics

  • none

Climatic Change

  • none

Dynamics of the Atmosphere and Ocean

  • none

Geophysical Research Letters

  • Landsea, C. W., N. Nicholls, W. M. Gray, and L. A. Avila, 1996: Downward trends in the frequency of intense Atlantic hurricanes during the past five decades. Geophysical Research Letters, 23, 1697-1700
  • Chan, J. C. L. and J. Shi, 1996: Long-term trends and interannual variability in tropical cyclone activity over the western North Pacific. Geophysical Research Letters, 23, 2765-2767

International Journal of Climatology

  • Currie, R. G., 1996: Mn and Sc Signals in North Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Occurrence. International Journal of Climatology, 16, 427 - 439

Journal of Applied Meteorology

  • Rupp, J. A., and M. A. Lander, 1996: A Technique for Estimating Recurrence Intervals of Tropical Cyclone - Related High Winds in the Tropics: Results for Guam. Journal of Applied Meteorology, 35, 627 - 637

Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology

  • none

Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences

  • Li, X., and B. Wang, 1996: Acceleration of the Hurricane Beta Drift by Shear Strain Rate of an Environmental Flow. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 53, 327 - 334
  • Ferreira, R. N., W. H. Schubert, and J. J. Hack, 1996: Dynamical Aspects of Twin Tropical Cyclones Associated with the Madden - Julian Oscillation. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 53, 929 - 945
  • Black, M. L., R. W. Burpee, and F. D. Marks, 1996: Vertical Motion Characteristics of Tropical Cyclones Determined with Airborne Doppler Radial Velocities. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 53, 1887 - 1909
  • DeMaria, M., 1996: The Effect of Vertical Shear on Tropical Cyclone Intensity Change. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 53, 2076 - 2087
  • Wu, C., and Y. Kurihara, 1996: A Numerical Study of the Feedback Mechanisms of Hurricane - Environment Interaction on Hurricane Movement from the Potential Vorticity Perspective. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 53, 2264 - 2282
  • Wang, Y., and G. J. Holland, 1996: Tropical Cyclone Motion and Evolution in Vertical Shear. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 53, 3313 - 3332

Journal of Climate

  • Goldenberg, S. B., and L. J. Shapiro, 1996: Physical Mechanisms for the Association of El Nino and West African Rainfall with Atlantic Major Hurricane Activity. Journal of Climate, 9, 1169 - 1187
  • Elsner, J. B., G. S. Lehmiller, and T. B. Kimberlain, 1996: Objective Classification of Atlantic Hurricanes. Journal of Climate, 9, 2880 - 2889

Journal of Geophysical Research (Atmosphere)

  • Despiau, S., and E. Houngninou, 1996: Raindrop Charge, Precipitation, and Maxwell Currents Under Tropical Storms and Showers. Journal of Geophysical Research, 101 (D10), 14991 - 14997
  • Tsutsui, J., and A. Kasahara, 1996: Simulated Tropical Cyclones Using the National Center for Atmospheric Research Community Climate Model. Journal of Geophysical Research, 101 (D10), 15013 - 15032
  • Hsu, C. S., and W. T. Liu, 1996: Wind and Pressure Fields Near Tropical Cyclone Oliver Derived from Scatterometer Observations. Journal of Geophysical Research, 101 (D12), 17021 - 17027

Journal of Physical Oceanography

  • none

Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan

  • none

Mariner's Weather Log

  • Staff - Mariner's Weather Log, 1996: Colorado State Professor Predicts About - Average Hurricane Year; ' 96 to Be Up From Recent Inactive Period, Down From Record ' 95 Season. Mariner's Weather Log, 40, 15 - 22
  • Iacovelli, D., 1996: Hurricane Warning: Where Will Your Boat Be Safe? Mariner's Weather Log, 40, 43 - 44

Monthly Weather Review

  • Merrill, R. T. and C. S. Velden, 1996: A Three-dimensional Analysis of the Outflow Layer of Supertyphoon Flo (1990). Monthly Weather Review, 124, 47-63
  • Franklin, J. L., S. E. Feuer, J. Kaplan, and S. D. Aberson, 1996: Tropical Cyclone Motion and Surrounding Flow Relationships: Searching for Beta Gyres in Omega Dropwindsonde Datasets. Monthly Weather Review, 124, 64 - 84
  • McCaul, E. W., Jr., and M. L. Weisman, 1996: Simulations of shallow supercell storms in landfalling hurricane environments. Monthly Weather Review, 124, 408-429
  • May, P. T., 1996: The Organization of Convection in the Rainbands of Tropical Cyclone Lawrence. Monthly Weather Review, 124, 807 - 815
  • Peng, M. S., and S. W. Chang, 1996: Impacts of SSM / I Retrieved Rainfall Rates on Numerical Prediction of a Tropical Cyclone. Monthly Weather Review, 124, 1181 - 1198
  • Avila, L. A., and E. N. Rappaport, 1996: Atlantic hurricane season of 1994. Monthly Weather Review, 124, 1558-1578
  • Pasch, R. J., and M. Mayfield, 1996: Eastern North Pacific hurricane season of 1994. Monthly Weather Review, 124, 1579-1590
  • Harr, P. A., M. S. Kalafsky, and R. L. Elsberry, 1996: Environmental Conditions Prior to Formation of a Midget Tropical Cyclone During TCM - 93. Monthly Weather Review, 124, 1693 - 1710
  • Kasahara, A., J. Tsutsui, and H. Hirakuchi, 1996: Inversion Methods of Three Cumulus Parameterizations for Diabatic Initialization of a Tropical Cyclone Model. Monthly Weather Review, 124, 2304 - 2321
  • Shapiro, L. J., 1996: The Motion of Hurricane Gloria: A Potential Vorticity Diagnosis. Monthly Weather Review, 124, 2497 - 2508
  • Harr, P. A., R. L. Elsberry, and J. C. L. Chan, 1996: Transformation of a Large Monsoon Depression to a Tropical Storm During TCM - 93. Monthly Weather Review, 124, 2625 - 2643

Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society

  • Glatz, A., and R. K. Smith, 1996: Vorticity Asymmetries in Hurricane Josephine (1984). Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 122, 391 - 413
  • Craig, G. C., 1996: Numerical Experiments on Radiation and Tropical Cyclones. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 122, 415 - 422

Russian Meteorology and Hydrology

  • Nerushev, A. F., 1996: Effect of Tropical Cyclones on Regional Variability of Total Ozone. Russian Meteorology and Hydrology, 2, 24 - 30

Tellus, Series A

  • Bengtsson, L., M. Botzet, and M. Esch, 1996: Will Greenhouse Gas - Induced Warming Over the Next 50 Years Lead to Higher Frequency and Greater Intensity of Hurricanes? Tellus, 48A, 57 - 73
  • Nilsson, J., 1996: Mixing in the Ocean Produced by Tropical Cyclones. Tellus, 48A, 342 - 355


  • none

Weather and Forecasting

  • Stewart, S. R., and S. W. Lyons, 1996: A WSR - 88D Radar View of Tropical Cyclone Ed. Weather and Forecasting, 11, 115 - 135
  • Mielke, Jr., P. W., K. J. Berry, C. W. Landsea, and W. M. Gray, 1996: Artificial Skill and Validation in Weather Forecasting. Weather and Forecasting, 11, 153 - 169
  • Lander, M. A., 1996: Specific Tropical Cyclone Track Types and Unusual Tropical Cyclone Motions Associated with a Reverse - Oriented Monsoon Trough in the Western North Pacific. Weather and Forecasting, 11, 170 - 186
  • Powell, M. D., S. H. Houston, and T. A. Reinhold, 1996: Hurricane Andrew's Landfall in South Florida. Part I: Standardizing Measurements for Documentation of Surface Wind Fields. Weather and Forecasting, 11, 304 - 328
  • Powell, M. D., and S. H. Houston, 1996: Hurricane Andrew's Landfall in South Florida. Part II: Surface Wind Fields and Potential Real - Time Applications. Weather and Forecasting, 11, 329 - 349


  • Mayfield, M., and M. Lawrence, 1996: Atlantic Hurricanes. Weatherwise, FM issue, 34 - 41
  • Avila, L. A., and E. N. Rappaport, 1996: Eastern Pacific Hurricanes. Weatherwise, FM issue, 42 -43

Adv. Space Res.

  • Anfimov N.A., Gordeev S.P., Tsyboulsrii, Moiseev, S.S. and Sharkov, E.A., 1996: Technique of balloon investigations of tropical disturbances on the ballistic missiles transportation base. Adv. Space Res., 17, 95-98
Earth Obs. Rem. Sens.
  • Pokrovskaya I.V., and Sharkov, E.A., 1996: The investigation of temporal intermittency for Pacific tropical cyclogenesis as applied to satellite monitoring problems. Earth Obs. Rem. Sens., 13, 17-30
Russian Meteorology and Hydrology
  • Pokrovskaya, I.V., and Sharkov, E.A., 1996: Interannual variability of tropical cyclogenesis in the Pacific Ocean. Russian Meteorology and Hydrology, 3, 40-49
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