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Subject: J1) Where can I get historical data of tropical cyclones?

Contributed by Chris Landsea (NHC) and Gary Gray


    • HURDAT The offical track dataset for Atlantic tropical cyclones. For more information on the re-anlysis effort for the HURDAT view this page.

    • IBTrACS is NCEI's global dataset of tropical cyclone tracks thatincludes the most complete global set of historical tropical cyclone tracks culled from several different datasets with quality checks for consistency and to avoid duplication.

    • Unisys contains HURDAT information that has be rendered into graphic form by Unisys Corporation and includes a track graphic as well as an ASCII listing for each storm since 1851.

    • NOAA's Coastal Services Center has put together a very nice interactive website which allows the user to search the HURDAT data base by location. You may select a major city or latitude and longitude and find how many storms of a particular strength and over particular ranges of time and proximity have approached that point.

    • The University of Hawai'i Storm Achive allows users to search tracks for the central Pacific in recent years.

    • Global Tropical and Extratropical Cyclone Climatic Atlas (GTECCA) 2.0 CD-ROM: This single volume CD-ROM contains global historic tropical storm track data for five tropical storm basins. Period of record vary for each basin, beginning as early as the 1870's, with 1995 as the latest year. Northern hemispheric extratropical storm track data are included from 1965 to 1995. Tropical track data includes time, position, storm stage (maximum wind, central pressure when available). The user has the capability to display tracks, and to track data for any basin or user-selected geographic area. The user is also able to select storm tracks passing within a user-defined radius of any point. Narratives for all tropical storms for the 1980-1995 period are included along with basin-wide tropical storm statistics.

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