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Subject: I10) How can I get hurricane information when I'm not at my computer ?

provided by the NHC

The NWS and NHC offer a variety of services to make sure you stay informed about tropical activity even when you are away from your television or computer. Some of these services are :

  • NOAA Weather Radio
    The easiest way to stay informed is to have an inexpensive portable radio which picks up NOAA Weather Radio. These are available in numerous stores in a host of designs and features. For more info on this try here.

  • Radio Fax
    For mariners at sea, there are a variety of ways and frequencies that you can use to keep updated on tropical developments. Go here.

  • Wireless
    NHC/TPC Tropical Cyclone text advisories, aircraft reconnaissance messages, and Tropical Analysis and Forecasting Branch text forecasts and discussions are available to Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) capable cellphones and Portable Digital Assistants (PDA). For more information on how to set up your cellphone or PDA go here.

  • E-Mail
    If you can check your email while away from your home computer you might consider subscribing to one of NHC's mailing lists. To see how go here.

  • RSS Feeds
    If your computer has a news aggregator or feed reader you can set it up to receive RSS feeds from NHC. For all the info go here.

Last updated May 26, 2016

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