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CIMAS Contributions to OAR Disaster Recovery Act Projects

Principal Investigators:

Collaborating Scientists:

Joseph Prusa (Telaflux Corperation)

Project 1: The NOAA's High Impact Weather Prediction Project (HIWPP) overarches objectives  of improving severe weather predictions by the developments and advancements of numerical models. Scientists from the University of Miami and NOAA/AOML will carry out model developments emphasizeing tropical weather prediction to address NOAA's needs of the next generation hurricane modeling system.

Project 2: In order to facilitate such developments and advancements, low flying unmanned aircraft will be utilized.  This instrumentation will greatly alleviate the thermodynamic data gap that currently exists within the high wind, low level hurricane environment.  Improving thermodynamic data coverage, especially atmospheric moisture, will enable vital boundary layer processes of hurricane evolvement to be better evaluated and represented within the hurricane modeling system.

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