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Research Projects

The Hurricane Research Division is involved in a number of inter-agency and international projects, including the U.S. Weather Research Program and Automated Surface Observation Station project of the National Weather Service.

The Hurricane Field Program contains our annual Field Program plans for the current and past years. Below is a list of our current Scientific Research Projects, click on the links to view more information about the various projects that our Principal Investigators are involved in. Under ASOS is our contribution to this National Weather Service project, documenting the siting of ASOS Stations. And Joint Programs contains a partial list of other joint programs we are participating in, or have participated in.

Advanced model diagnostics of tropical cyclone inner-core structure using aircraft observations

Advanced prediction and modeling

CIMAS Contributions to OAR Disaster Recovery Act Projects

Data Rescue

Development of Multiple Moving Nests Within a Basin-Wide HWRF Modeling

Environmental and inner-core vertical shear TC impacts

Environmental flow impacts on tropical cyclone inner-core structure

Extra-tropical transition

Hurricane Regional and Global Model Evaluation and Improvement Project

Hurricane Surface Winds

Inner-core structure of rapidly intensifying tropical cyclones

Meso- and Miso-scale structures in the eye and eyewall of major hurricanes

Model Error in HWRF Surface Layer and Boundary Layer Parameterizations

Observations and modeling of ocean response to Hurricane Edouard (2014)

Observing System Experiments with aircraft data

Optimization of the NOAA G-IV Surveillance Aircraft Flight Patterns through Observing System Simulation Experiments

Real-time Doppler winds

Saharan Air Layer

Services to Support the Hurricane Forecast Improvement Project

SFMR Surface Wind Improvement in Heavy Rain Conditions

SHIPS Rapid Intensification Index

Storm-Relative Data Assimilation

Using NOAA UAS Assets and OSSE/DA Capabilities to Improve Sampling Strategies and Numerical Prediction of Tropical Cyclone Track, Intensity, and Structure

Vortex-Scale Data Assimilation With HEDAS

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