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Hurricane Boundary Layer Small-Scale Coherent Features

Principal Investigator: Sylvie Lorsolo (HRD/CIMAS)
Collaborating scientist:
Peter Black (NRL)
Peter Dodge (AOML/HRD)
John Gamache (AOML/HRD)
Jim Carswell (Remote Sensing Solutions Inc.)


Analyze the structure of turbulent coherent features of the HBL to better understand their role in boundary layer vertical fluxes and impact on the surface wind field.


Process and analyze the Integrated Wind and Rain Atmospheric Profiler (IWRAP) data from Hurricane Rita (2005) to study the three-dimensional circulation of the coherent features and estimate boundary layer vertical momentum fluxes. Examine variations of the fluxes and the characteristics of the coherent features as a function of height, radius, quadrant and shear.


One P3 equipped with an IWRAP flew in Hurricane Rita (2005) and successfully gathered data.


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