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Changes to Continental U.S. Hurricanes - 1899 to 1970, 1992

(Revised in January 2022 to include the 1966 to 1970 hurricane seasons' reanalyses)

# Name Date Original
Category/State Changes
2---8/1/1899 (TS) AFL2 Upgrade by two categories
3---8/18/1899 NC3 NC3 No change
9---10/31/1899 NC3,SC3 NC2,SC2 Downgrade by one category
1---9/9/1900 CTX4 CTX4 No change
3---7/11/1901 NC1 NC1 No change
4---8/14/1901 LA2,MS2 LA1,MS1,AL1 Downgrade by one category, add in Alabama
3---9/11/1903 CFL2,AFL1CFL1,AFL1Downgrade by one category in SE Florida
4---9/16/1903 NJ1,NY1 NJ1,DE1 No change in category, add in Delaware,
remove New York
2---9/14/1904 SC1 SC1 No change
4---10/17/1904 (TS) CFL1 Upgrade by one category
2---6/17/1906 CFL1 BFL1,CFL1No change in category, add in SE Florida
5---9/17/1906 SC3,NC3 SC1,NC1 Downgrade by two categories
6---9/27/1906 MS3,AL3 MS2,AL2,AFL2,LA1 Downgrade by one category, add in NW Florida and Louisiana
8---10/18/1906 CFL2 BFL3,CFL3Upgrade by one category, add in SW Florida
3---7/31/1908 NC1 NC1 No change
2---6/29/1909 (TS) ATX2 Upgrade by two categories
4---7/21/1909 CTX3 CTX3 No change
6---8/27/1909# ATX2 ATX1 Downgrade by one category
9---9/21/1909 LA4 LA3,MS2 Downgrade by one category, add in Mississippi
11---10/11/1909CFL3 BFL3,CFL3No change in category, add in SW Florida
3---9/14/1910 ATX2 ATX2 No change
5---10/17/1910 BFL3 BFL2 Downgrade by one category
2---8/11/1911 AFL1,AL1 AFL1,AL1 No change
3---8/28/1911 GA2,SC2 SC2,GA1 No change in South Carolina, downgrade by
one category in GA
4---9/14/1912 AL1 AL1,AFL1 No change, add in NW Florida
6---10/16/1912 ATX1 ATX2 Upgrade by one category
1---6/28/1913 ATX1 ATX1 No change
4---9/3/1913 NC1 NC1 No change
5---10/8/1913 (TS) SC1 Upgrade by one category
1---8/1/1915 (TS) DFL1 Upgrade by one category
2---8/17/1915 CTX4 CTX4,BTX1,LA1No change in max, add C Texas and Louisiana
4---9/4/1915 AFL1 AFL1 No change
6---9/29/1915 LA4 LA3,MS2 Downgrade one category, add Mississippi
2---7/5/1916 MS3,AL3 MS3,AL2,AFL2 No change in max, add NW Florida, reduce Alabama
3---7/21/1916 MA1 (TS) Downgrade to tropical storm
4---7/14/1916 SC1 SC2 Upgrade one category
6---8/18/1916 ATX3 ATX4 Upgrade one category
14---10/18/1916AL2,AFL2 AFL2,AL2 No change
15---11/15/1916BFL1 (ET) Downgrade to an extratropical storm
4---9/29/1917 AFL3 AFL3,LA2,AL1 No change in max, add Louisiana and Alabama
1---8/6/1918 LA3 LA3,CTX1 No change in max, add N Texas
3---8/24/1918 (TS) NC1 Upgrade one category
2---9/10/1919 BFL4,ATX4 BFL4,CFL2,ATX3,BTX3 No change in max in SW Florida, downgrade
one cat in S Texas, add in SE Florida and C Texas
2---9/22/1920 LA2 LA2 No change
3---9/23/1920 NC1 (TS) Downgrade to tropical storm
1---6/22/1921 BTX2 BTX1,CTX1Downgrade 1 category, add N Texas
6---10/25/1921 BFL3,DFL2BFL3,AFL2,DFL1No change in max, reduce NE Florida,
add in Florida
6---10/16/1923 LA1 LA1,MS1 No change in max, add SE Florida
3---8/26/1924 (TS) NC1,MA1 Upgrade 1 category
5---9/15/1924 AFL1 AFL1 No changes
10---10/21/1924BFL1 BFL1,CFL1No change in max, add SE Florida
4---12/1/1925 BFL1 (TS) Downgrade to tropical storm
1---7/28/1926 DFL2 DFL2,CFL1No change in max, add SE Florida
3---8/25/1926 LA3 LA3 No changes
7---9/18/1926 CFL4,BFL3,AFL3,AL3 CFL4,BFL3,AFL3,AL3,
No change in max, add Mississippi
10---10/21/1926(TS) BFL1,CFL1Upgrade 1 category
1---8/8/1928 CFL2 CFL2 No changes
4---9/17/1928 CFL4,DFL2,GA1,SC1CFL4,BFL3,AFL1,
No change to max, add SW and SW Florida,
reduce NE Florida
1---6/28/1929 BTX1 BTX1 No changes
2---9/28/1929 CFL3,AFL2BFL3,CFL3,AFL1No change to max, add SW Florida, reduce NW Florida
2---8/14/1932 CTX4 CTX4,BTX1No change to max, add central Texas
3---9/01/1932 AL1 AFL1,AL1,MS1 No change to max, add NW Florida, Mississippi
5---7/30/1933 CFL1 CFL1 No changes
5---8/5/1933# ATX2 ATX1 Downgrade 1 category
7---8/23/1933 NC2,VA2 NC1,VA1,MD1Downgrade 1 category in North Carolina, Virginia and add Maryland
10---9/5/1933 ATX3 ATX3 No changes
11---9/4/1933 CFL3 CFL3 NO changes
12---9/16/1933*NC3 NC2,VA1 Downgrade 1 category, add Virginia
1---6/16/1934 LA3 LA2 Downgrade 1 category
3---7/25/1934 ATX2 ATX1 Downgrade 1 category
7---9/8/1934* (EX) NC1,NJ1 Upgrade 1 category
7---9/9/1934 (EX) NY1 Upgrade 1 category
3---9/3/1935 CFL5 CFL5, BFL5 No changes to max, add SW Florida
3---9/4/1935 AFL2 AFL2, IGA1No changes to max, add inland Georgia
7---11/4/1935 CFL2 CFL2, BFL1No changes to max, add SW Florida
3---6/27/1936 ATX1 BTX1 No changes to max, switch central for north Texas
5---7/31/1936 AFL3 AFL2,IAL1Downgrade 1 category, add IAL1
13---9/18/1936 NC2 NC1, VA1 Downgrade 1 category, add Virginia
3---8/15/1938 LA1 LA1 No changes
6---9/21/1938 NY3,CT3,RI3,MA3 NY3,CT3,RI3,MA2 No changes to max, reduce Massachusetts by one
2---8/11/1939 CFL1 CFL1 No changes
2---8/13/1939 AFL1 AFL1 No changes
2---8/7/1940 CTX2,LA2 CTX2,LA2 No changes
3---8/11/1940 SC2,GA2 SC2,GA1 No changes to max, reduced Georgia by one
2---9/23/1941 CTX3 CTX3,BTX2 No change in max, add BTX2
5---10/6/1941 CFL2,BFL2,AFL2 CFL2,BFL1,AFL1,IGA1 No change in max, reduce to BFL1 and AFL1, add IGA1
2---8/21/1942 CTX1 CTX1 No changes
3---8/30/1942 BTX3 BTX3,CTX2No changes to max, add CTX2
1---7/27/1943 CTX2 CTX2 No changes
3---8/1/1944 NC1 NC1 No changes
7---9/15/1944 NC3,VA3,NY3,CT3,
Reduce max 1 Cat; reduce to NC2,VA2,NY2,CT1, RI2,MA1; add NJ1
13---10/18/1944BFL3,DFL2BFL3,DFL1,AFL1No changes to max, reduce to DFL1, add AFL1
1---6/24/1945 AFL1 AFL1 No changes
5---8/27/1945 BTX2 BTX3,ATX1,CTX1 Increase max 1 Cat, add ATX1 and CTX1
9---9/15/1945 CFL3 CFL4,BFL3,DFL1 Increase max 1 Cat, add BFL3 and DFL1
6---10/8/1946BFL1,AFL1BFL1,AFL1No changes
3---8/24/1947CTX1CTX1No changes
4---9/17/1947CFL4,BFL2CFL4,BFL2No changes to max
4---9/19/1947LA3,MS3LA2,MS2Reduce LA and MS by 1 category
9---10/12/1947CFL1BFL1,CFL1Add BFL1
9---10/15/1947GA2,SC2GA2,SC2No changes
5---9/4/1948LA1LA1No changes
8---9/22/1948BFL3,CFL2BFL4,CFL2Add one category to peak
9---10/5/1948CFL2BFL2,CFL2No changes to peak, add BFL2
1---8/24/1949NC1NC1No changes
2---8/26/1949CFL3CFL4,BFL1,AFL1,DFL1,GA1Add one category to peak, add in BFL1,AFL1,DFL1,GA1
11---10/4/1949CTX2CTX2,BTX1No changes to peak, add in BTX1
2Baker8/31/1950AL1AL1,AFL1No changes to peak, add in AFL1
5Easy9/5/1950AFL3AFL3,BFL1No changes to peak, add in BFL1
11King10/18/1950CFL3CFL4,DFL1Add one category to peak, add in DFL1
2Able8/31/1952SC1SC2Upgrade by one categry
3Barbara8/14/1953NC1NC1No change
4Carol9/7/1953ME1(TS)Downgrade by one category
9Florence9/26/1953AFL1AFL1No change
12Hazel10/9/1953(TS)BFL1Upgrade by one category
6Carol8/31/1954NY3,CT3,RI3,NC2NY3,CT3,RI3,MA2,NC1No changes to peak, upgrade in Massachusetts and downgrade in North Carolina
10Edna9/11/1954MA3,ME1MA2,NC1,NY1,RI1Downgrade peak by one category in Massachusetts, downgrade in Maine, upgrade in North Carolina, New York, and Rhode Island
14Hazel10/9/1954SC4,NC4,MD2SC4,NC4No change to peak, downgrade in Maryland
2Connie8/12/1955 NC3,VA1NC2,VA1Downgrade peak (in North Carolina) by one category
3Diane8/17/1955 NC1(TS)Downgrade peak by one category
8Ione9/19/1955 NC3NC2Downgrade peak by one category
7Flossy9/14-25/1956 LA2, AFL1LA1, AFL1Downgrade peak by one category
2Audrey6/27/1957 CTX4, LA4CTX2, LA3Downgrade peak (in Louisiana) by one category, downgrade by two categories in North Texas
8Helene9/27/1958 (TS) NC3 (2006 revision) Upgrade three categories
8Helene9/27/1958 NC3 NC3 (2016 revision) No change
4Cindy7/9/1959 SC1 SC1 No change
5Debra7/25/1959 CTX1 CTX1 No change
8Gracie9/29/1959 SC3 SC4 Upgrade peak by one category
5Donna9/10-12/1960 BFL4, DFL2, NC3, NY3, CT2, RI1, MA1, NH1, ME1BFL4, CFL4, DFL1, NC2, VA1, NY2, CT1, RI1, MA1 No change to peak. Downgrade in Northeast Florida, North Carolina, New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Maine. Upgrade in Southeast Florida and Virginia.
6Ethel9/15/1960 MS1 LA1, MS1 No change to peak. Upgrade in Louisiana
3Carla9/11/1961BTX4BTX4, CTX3, ATX1No change to peak, add CTX3 and ATX1
4 Cindy 9/17/1963CTX1(TX)Downgrade to Tropical Storm
5Cleo8/27/1964CFL2CFL2No changes
6Dora9/10/1964DFL2DFL2No changes
10Hilda10/3/1964LA3LA2Downgrade one category
11Isbell 10/13/1964BFL2, CFL2BFL2, CFL1No change to peak. Downgrade SE Florida one category.
3Betsy09/08/1965CFL3BFL3, CFL3No changes to peak, Add SW Florida as Category 3
3Betsy09/10/1965LA3LA4Upgrade one category
1Alma06/08/1966AFL2BFL3, AFL1Upgrade to peak in adding SW Florida. Downgrade NW Florida one category.
9Inez10/04/1966BFL1CFL2, BFL2Upgrade to peak. Adding SE Florida impact.
13Beulah09/20/1967ATX3ATX3No changes.
4Gladys10/19/1968AFL2, DFL1AFL2, DFL1, NC1No change to peak. Adding North Carolina impact.

8Camille8/18/1969MS5, LA5MS5, LA5, AL1No change to peak, upgrade in Alabama
16Gerda9/16/1969ME1TSDowngrade one category
4Celia8/3/1970ATX3ATX4Upgrade to peak
4Andrew8/24/1992 CFL4,BFL3,LA3CFL5,BFL4,LA3Upgrade one category for SE and SW Florida,
no change in Louisiana


Overall for maximum U.S. impact: 2 hurricanes upgraded 2 categories, 18 hurricanes upgraded 1 category, 67 hurricanes no change in category, 28 hurricanes downgraded 1 category, and 1 hurricane downgraded 2 categories.

Saffir-Simpson: The estimated Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale at landfall based upon maximum sustained (1-min) surface (10 m) winds. "(TS)" indicates the cyclone was considered to be of tropical storm impact for the United States. "(EX)" indicates the cyclone was considered to be extratropical when it made landfall in the United States.

States Affected: The impact of the hurricane upon individual U.S. states by Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale (again through the estimate of the maximum 1-min surface winds at each state). (ATX-South Texas, BTX-Central Texas, CTX-North Texas, LA-Louisiana, MS-Mississippi, AL-Alabama, AFL-Northwest Florida, BFL-Southwest Florida, CFL-Southeast Florida, DFL-Northeast Florida, GA-Georgia, SC-South Carolina, NC-North Carolina, VA-Virginia, MD-Maryland, DE-Delaware, NJ-New Jersey, NY-New York, PA-Pennsylvania, CT-Connecticut, RI-Rhode Island, MA-Massachusetts, NH-New Hampshire, ME-Maine. In Texas, south is roughly from the Mexico border to Corpus Christi; central is from north of Corpus Christi to Matagorda Bay and north is from Matagorda Bay to the Louisiana border. In Florida, the north-south dividing line is from Cape Canaveral [28.45N] to Tarpon Springs [28.17N]. The dividing line between west-east Florida goes from 82.69W at the north Florida border with Georgia, to Lake Okeechobee and due south along longitude 80.85W.)

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