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COYOTE data files

  1. Description of COYOTE

    The COYOTE is an unmanned aerial vehicle that is launched from the NOAA P-3 via the AXBT chute. Once launched it deploys its wings and is directed remotely by a pilot on the P-3. As it flies along it measures temperature, humidity, pressure, and wind. The data are collected in real-time onboard the aircraft and are then subjected to quality control before being released as an Excel file.

  2. File naming convention

    The resulting files are named by the aircraft mission date. The files are named according to the format:


    where YYYY is year, MM is month, DD is day, and 'Coyote' is the data type designation.

  3. Data organization

    COYOTE data
    Clockmscounter from time Piccolo was turned on
    Year from the GPS clock
    Month from the GPS clock
    Day from the GPS clock
    Hours from the GPS clock
    Minutes from the GPS clock
    Seconds from the GPS clock
    LatradCoyote GPS position
    LonradCoyote GPS position
    HeightmCoyote GPS altitude
    UAS GroundSpeedm/stotal Coyote ground speed (from GPS)
    UAS DirectionradCoyote ground speed direction
    UAS TrueAirSpeedm/sCoyote true airspeed determined by Piccolo air data
    Wind_Speedm/sPayload output (wind speed)
    Wind_DirradPayload output (wind direction)
    PressurePaPayload output: InterMet sensor atmospheric pressure
    Temperature°CPayload output: InterMet sensor atmospheric temperature
    Humidity%Payload output: InterMet sensor atmospheric humidity

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