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N49RF Performance Characteristics

  • NOAA's Gulfstream-IVSP is a state of the art, high altitude research platform
    • Certified ceiling--45,000 ft (12 km),
    • range--4075 nm (7000 km),
    • true air speed--440 kt (240 m/s).
    • Instrumentation to provide:
      • 1-Hz flight-level data
      • GPS dropwindsonde system
      • Tail Doppler Radar
      • AVAPS Workstation with 9600 BD satellite communications link
  • G-IV enhances NOAA's tropical cyclone forecast capability in 3 basic areas:
    • Improve track forecasts
    • Provide a platform to develop the next generation reconnaissance capability
    • Research into intensity change and storm motion

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Updated Feb. 26, 2014

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