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Hurricane Field Program 2018

This year's Hurricane Field Program includes several experiments that are part of the Intensity Forecasting EXperiment (IFEX). Below is a link to a more detailed explanation of IFEX, followed by the 2018 plan overview, then descriptions of each experiment or module's scientific justification and flight pattern.

IFEX project
2018 HFP Plan
Experiment Organization
Instrument Descriptions
Data Management Plan
Experiment Science Description Patterns and modules
Genesis Stage Science Patterns
Early Stage Science Patterns
Mature Stage Science Patterns
End Stage Science Patterns
OceanSurvey Science Patterns
SFMR Science Patterns
Synoptic Flow Science Patterns
TDR Science Patterns

A - Flight Patterns
B - Notification Process
C - Scientific Duties
D - Operational Areas map
E - Instrument list
F - RAOB and Radar maps
G - Unit Conversion tables
H - Acronyms

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