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Hurricane Field Program 2016
This year's Hurricane Field Program includes several experiments that are part of the Intensity Forecasting EXperiment (IFEX). Below is a link to a more detailed explanation of IFEX, the experiments involved, and our partners in the project. Also there is a link to the PDF of our Hurricane Field Program plan.
IFEX project
2016 HFP Plan
PDF version
WORD document
PDF version
WORD document
Individual Experiments
1. P3 Tail Doppler Radar 12. Tropical Cyclone Diurnal cycles
2. GIV Tail Doppler Radar 13. Tropical Cyclone Ocean Interaction
3. Doppler Wind LIDAR 14. Tropical Cyclone Landfall
4. Small Unmammed Aerial Vehicle Experiment (SUAVE) 15. Rapid Weakening
5. Ocean Winds 16. Convective Burst
6. High-Incident Stepped Frequency Radiometer 17. Eye-eyewall mixing
7. Offshore Winds 18. Secondary eyewall formation
8. Easterly Wave genesis 19. Tropical Cyclone Warm Core
9. East Pacific Easterly Wave genesis 20. Hurricane Boundary Layer
10. Rapid Intensification 21. Saharan Air Layer
11. Tropical Cyclone in Shear
2016 hurricane season

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