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Where do we go from here?

HRD HFP01 Quicklook Website (this site)

The HRD Mission Catalog

NASA CAMEX-4 Quicklook Website.

Future Steps

  • 11/2001 - USWRP Hurricane Landfall Experiment 2001 (HL 2001) (including NOAA HFP and NASA CAMEX-4) linked websites established at HRD, NASA/MSFC and USWRP website to inform research community of the data sets and availability.

  • 3/2002 - HL2001 Data Workshop (including NOAA HFP and NASA CAMEX-4)
    • during 2002 Interdepartmental Hurricane Conference, New Orleans, LA.
    • open to currently funded and potential USWRP HL PIs, and interested parties.
    • present overview of data sets collected
    • discuss analysis strategies and research collaboration in light of pending USWRP announcement for proposals winter 2002.
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