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GPS Dropsonde Modifications...A partnership with AOC and NCAR...   UASPO/AOML/ESRL Collaboration: Integrated METOC payload for small UAS



"UAS-Borne Atmospheric and SST Sensing"

Proposed Goal:

  • Use emerging observing technologies (UAS, miniaturized sensors and payloads) to capture critical kinematic & thermodynamic observations within the hurricane boundary layer & air-sea environment.

NEW: GPS Dropsondes -with- SST

  • Air-sea coupling with every drop Large chute -> + vertical resolution

In addition, HRD has teamed up with NCAR and AOC to add SST as a variable that will be measured by GPS dropsondes. Given the aforementioned criticality of assessing dq having qsst (by obtaining SST) we will now, for the 1st time, have this critical quantity for 250 drops beginning in 2014. It is envisioned that this newfound capability will soon be a permanent capability on all future GPS dropsondes used by NOAA. HRD is also working closely with NOAA's UASPO on an SBIR effort designed to ensure that future UAS have the latest and most complete met payload packages available for use on future low flying UAS in storm environments. This payload will also have an IR sensor capturing SST so as to close the air-sea thermodynamic loop.

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