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Fay 2014 sondes

Important Notice about dropsonde data:

A dry bias in the RD94 and mini dropsonde (NRD94) humidity measurements has been discovered, which existed ftom 2010 to 2015. This document describes the background of the dry bias, how to identify impacted files, how to correct existing data, and how to implement a correction in AVAPS. ASPEN version 3.3-236 is used to correct this dry bias both in reprocessing of existing data as well as in real time data acquisition within AVAPS.

Below are listings of transmitted sonde data from reconnaissance aircraft missions into Fay along with PDFs of synoptic plots of the dropsonde data. Also are pages showing the key and examples of the FRD, HSA, AVAPS and TEMPDROP formats.

FRD,CAT formats
HSA format
AVAPS format
DOPPLER links to doppler/dropsonde graphs

October 10, 2014

USAF 303 (0107A) HSA | TEMPDROP | Plots | AVAPS

October 11, 2014

USAF 303 (0207A) HSA | TEMPDROP | Plots | AVAPS
USAF 302 (0307A) HSA | TEMPDROP | Plots | AVAPS

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