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DOTSTAR 2003 sondes

Project Dropsonde Observation for Typhoon Surveillance near the TAiwan Region (DOTSTAR) is a joint program of the National Taiwan University, Taiwan's Central Weather Bureau, National Central University, Chinese Culture University, Taiwan's Air Force, and several foreign partners. It involves flying an ASTRA high-altitude jet on a synoptic-scale pattern dropping sondes in the vicinity of typhoons threatening Taiwan in an effort to improve the computer forecast models. Their sonde outputs are offered here as an aid to researchers.

DOTSTAR project page

Below are listings of sonde flights from DOTSTAR reconnaissance aircraft missions into West Pacific typhoons threatening Taiwan. To obtain the AVAPS data for these sondes, please contact the DOTSTAR data request page.

DOTSTAR Acknowledgement Statement

September 01, 2003 Typhoon Dujuan


November 02, 2003 Typhoon Melor


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