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Dorian 2019 SFMR data

Below are listings of Stepped Frequency Microwave Radiometer (SFMR) data from aircraft missions into Dorian. These files are in either ASCII or NetCDF format. For more information on NetCDF Click here.

August 25, 2019
NOAA 49 (0105A) 17:30-01:00Z Synoptic Surv
August 26, 2019
NOAA 49 (0205A) 17:30-01:00Z Synoptic Surv
NOAA 42 (0305A) 19:39-03:48Z TDR SFMR
USAF 300 (0405A) 21:19-06:28Z Reconnaissance SFMR
August 27, 2019
USAF 309 (0505A) 09:13-13:31Z Reconnaissance SFMR
NOAA 49 (0605A) 17:30-23:59Z Synoptic Surv
NOAA 42 (0705A) 21:00-05:00Z TDR SFMR
USAF 309 (0805A) 21:48-05:43Z Reconnaissance SFMR
August 28, 2019
USAF 309 (0905A) 09:49-20:05Z Reconnaissance SFMR
NOAA 49 (1005A) 17:30-01:00Z Synoptic Surv
NOAA 42 (1105A) 20:05-03:26Z TDR SFMR
USAF 309 (1205A) 21:38-07:02Z Reconnaissance SFMR
August 29, 2019
NOAA 42 (1305A) 09:51-18:30Z TDR/Reconnaissance SFMR
NOAA 49 (1405A) 17:30-01:00Z Synoptic Surv
NOAA 42 (1505A) 20:30-04:52Z TDR SFMR
USAF 300 (1605A) 20:59-06:42Z Reconnaissance SFMR
August 30, 2019
NOAA 42 (1705A) 09:32-16:30Z TDR SFMR
USAF 302 (1805A) 08:58-19:07Z Reconnaissance SFMR
USAF 303 (1905A) 15:02-17:17Z Reconnaissance
USAF 307 (2005A) 23:54-04:39Z Reconnaissance SFMR
NOAA 42 (2105A) 20:43-04:30Z Synoptic Surv SFMR
August 31, 2019
NOAA 42 (2205A) 08:54-16:03Z TDR SFMR
USAF 302 (2305A) 10:03-19:16Z Reconnaissance SFMR
NOAA 49 (2405A) 17:32-01:11Z Synoptic Surv
USAF 302 (2505A) 19:53-05:46Z Reconnaissance SFMR
NOAA 42 (2605A) 21:16-03:35Z TDR SFMR
September 1, 2019
NOAA 49 (2705A) 05:31-13:50Z Synoptic Surv
USAF 302 (2805A) 08:38-20:08Z Reconnaissance SFMR
NOAA 42 (2905A) 12:04-18:00Z TDR SFMR
USAF 302 (3005A) 20:25-05:43Z Reconnaissance SFMR
September 2, 2019
NOAA 49 (3605A) 05:28-10:29Z Synoptic Surv
USAF 303 (3205A) 08:34-08:52Z Reconnaissance Aborted
USAF 309 (3305A) 08:34-08:52Z Reconnaissance SFMR
NOAA 42 (3405A) 14:26-16:03Z Ferry SFMR
USAF 308 (3505A) 23:59-05:16Z Reconnaissance SFMR
September 3, 2019
NOAA 49 (3605A) 05:28-13:18Z Synoptic Surv
USAF 307 (3705A) 06:37-11:04Z Reconnaissance SFMR
USAF 304 (3805A) 09:18-17:29Z Reconnaissance SFMR
NOAA 42 (3905A) 07:41-15:00Z TDR SFMR
USAF 309 (4005A) 17:53-02:49Z Reconnaissance SFMR
September 4, 2019
USAF 308 (4105A) 02:47-11:32Z Recconnaissance SFMR
NOAA 49 (4205A) 05:52-13:12Z Synoptic Surv
USAF 304 (4305A) 12:17-20:41Z Recconnaissance SFMR
NOAA 42 (4405A) 19:47-02:06Z TDR SFMR
USAF 307 (4505A) 23:26-05:25Z Recconnaissance SFMR
September 5, 2019
USAF 309 (4605A) 09:08-15:02Z Recconnaissance SFMR
NOAA 42 (4705A) 09:08-15:37Z TDR/Ocean Winds SFMR
USAF 308 (4805A) 14:39-23:29Z Recconnaissance SFMR
NOAA 42 (4905A) 19:54-02:58Z TDR/Landfall SFMR
USAF 309 (5005A) 23:53-09:53Z Recconnaissance SFMR
September 6, 2019
USAF 308 (5105A) 08:00-17:30Z Recconnaissance SFMR

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