Moored Time-Series

In addition to regular synoptic shipboard surveys of the south Florida coastal ocean, a moored instrument array has been a continuous component of the AOML SFP since its implementation in the mid 1990's. This array has provided oceanographic time-series data from sites across the region. Over the years, the number of AOML SFP moorings has expanded and contracted based on annual funding levels. Measurements have primarily included temperature, salinity, and ocean currents. However, some sites have been equipped with chlorophyll fluorometers, transmissometers, dissolved oxygen sensors, pressure gauges, and other specialized instrumentation in support of SFP component projects such as the Florida Bay Inner Basins Study or real-time mooring efforts. Over time, the AOML SFP moored array has included the following sites:

  • Looe Key, 24°32.6'N 081°24.1'W (water temperature, salinity, currents)
  • Moser Channel, 24°42.0'N 081°10.2'W (water temperature, salinity)
  • Mid-Bay / West Florida Bay, 24°55.8'N 081°05.7'W (water temperature, salinity, currents)
  • Southeast ADCP "A", 25°09.9'N 081°20.2'W (water temperature, salinity, currents)
  • Southwest ADCP "B", 25°10.1'N 081°39.1'W (water temperature, salinity, currents)
  • Shark River Nearshore (#1), 25°20.7'N 081°09.2'W (water temperature, salinity)
  • Shark River Offshore (#3), 25°20.9'N 081°13.9'W (water temperature, salinity)

Due to a cessation of funding beginning in August 2012, the AOML SFP has suspended regional shipboard surveys and drifter deployments, and has recovered all project moorings. Though the SFP field component is in hiatus, scientific analyses continue on the project's historical datasets. Should funding for data collection activities be restored, SFP field operations will resume.

AOML SFP Oceanographic Mooring Data Sets:

Time-series data collected from the AOML SFP moored array are freely available for academic, research, or professional purposes. Data are available at the location listed below. As additional AOML SFP moored data are processed and quality controlled, they will continue to be added to these sites.
AOML South Florida Program FTP Site

AOML SFP Real-Time Oceanographic Moorings

Due to a cessation in funding, the AOML SFP is no longer able to support the program's real-time mooring component, originally organized as the South Florida Regional Observing System (SF-ROS). Should funding for these efforts be restored, real-time data distribution from the following sites will resume.