Synoptic Shipboard Surveys

Bay-wide and regional shipboard surveys have been a primary component of AOML SFP field operations. These synoptic interdisciplinary oceanographic research cruises have been conducted since the project's implementation in the mid 1990's.

Due to the shallow depths found in Biscayne and Florida Bays, a shoal draft, 23 foot catamaran was developed for the program. In addition to its use as a platform for discrete sampling, this small boat, the R/V Virginia K, is equipped with a pumped flow-through system more commonly found on larger research vessels. This strained and debubbled underway water sampling system includes a thermosalinograph (temperature and salinity), chlorophyll (chl_a) and chromophoric dissolved organic matter (CDOM) fluorometers, and a transmissometer. Conductivity, temperature, depth (CTD) casts, surface net tows, and hull-mounted acoustic Doppler current profiler (SADCP) measurements can also be conducted from the vessel.

AOML SFP regional surveys over the southwest Florida shelf and the Florida Keys reef tract have been routinely performed via the University of Miami's R/V F. G. Walton Smith on a bimonthly basis. Sampling methodologies similar to those utilized on AOML SFP bay surveys (discrete sampling and flow-through measurements) have been employed on these regional research cruises.

Beginning in 2012, bay-wide surveys have been eliminated or run at reduced frequencies due to budget cuts. Since 2015, only regional surveys (aboard the R/V F. G. Walton Smith) have been conducted on a regular basis.

AOML SFP Bay-Wide and Regional Surface Maps:

Maps of surface fields (discrete and continuous) observed during AOML SFP synoptic surveys are available below.

Biscayne Bay:
Year: Measured Parameter:

Florida Bay:
Year: Measured Parameter:

South Florida Coastal Ocean:
Year: Measured Parameter:

Card Sound, Barnes Sound, and Manatee Bay
Post Hurricane Isaac Response:
Year: Measured Parameter:

2006-2007 Barnes Sound Road Construction
Algal Bloom Response:
Year: Measured Parameter:

AOML SFP Bay-Wide and Regional Survey Data Sets:

AOML SFP shipboard data sets are freely available for academic, research, or professional purposes.
Download the bay-wide and regional data sets below (.xls format).