Moser Channel - Oceanographic Monitoring Station

SF-ROS Monitoring Station: Moser Channel, Florida

NOAA/AOML  - Miami, FL
UM/RSMAS - Miami, FL

The passage spanned by 7-Mile Bridge is one of four predominant passages in the Florida Keys which allow exchange of waters to the north and west of the Keys (including Florida Bay and the Gulf of Mexico) with the Atlantic waters of Hawk Channel and the Florida Keys Reef Tract to the south and east. Moser Channel encompasses the deepest section of the passage at 7-Mile Bridge and has an orientation perpendicular to the bridge. The other three Keys passages important to the exchange of south Florida coastal waters are Long Key Channel, Channel 5, and Channel 2.

Due to a cessation in funding, the South Florida Regional Observing System (SF-ROS) and the AOML South Florida Program (SFP) are no longer able to support this station. We will reestablish Moser Channel Monitoring Station should funding be restored.