Subsurface Float Trajectories


This data set of subsurface float observations was compiled by the WOCE Subsurface Float Data Assembly Center (WFDAC) in Woods Hole maintained by Andree Ramsey and Heather Furey and copied to NOAA/AOML in October 2014 (version 1) and in December 2017 (version 2). Subsequent updates will be included as additional appropriate float data, quality controlled by the appropriate principal investigators, is submitted for inclusion.

Note that these observations are collected by ALACE/RAFOS/Eurofloat-style acoustically-tracked, neutrally-buoyant subsurface floats which collect data while drifting beneath the ocean surface. This database does not include data from Argo profiling floats, which are generally not tracked while drifting at their subsurface parking depth. Argo data are available at the Argo Global Data Assembly Center and data collected by ALACE, PALACE, MARVOR, or VCMs (which are not acoustically tracked) are available at the PANGEA data repository.

These data are the result of the effort and resources of many individuals and institutions. You are encouraged to acknowledge the work of the data originators and Data Centers in publications arising from use of these data.

The float data were originally divided by project at the WFDAC. Here they have been compiled in a single Matlab data set. See here for more information on the variabiles contained in these files.

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