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Recent PhOD seminars

Dr. Da Nguyen's - 08/19/2020

Increasing trend of global tropical-cyclone-induced SST cooling since 1982 and its implications

Dr. Libby Johns - 06/16/2020

Sargassum in the tropical Atlantic: from tipping points to sustained inundations.

Dr. Matthieu Le Hénaff - 11/05/2019

Impact of Ocean Conditions on Hurricane Forecast during the 2017 and 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season.

Dr. George Halliwell - 11/04/2019

Sensitivity of Hurricane Intensity Forecasts to Ocean Initial Conditions: Results from Idealized Experiments and OSEs.

Dr. Dongmin Kim - 06/21/2019

Impact of the Madden-Julian Oscillation on subseasonal U.S. tornado activity and the underlying physical mechanisms.

Dr. Rick Lumpkin - 06/05/2019

The State of the Ocean in 2018.

Dr. Hosmey Lopez - 05/30/2019

The impact of remote forcing on US summer temperature extremes.

Dr. Rafael Goncalves - 05/15/2019

Reconstruction of Submesoscale Velocity Field from Surface Drifters

Dr. Libby Johns - 05/08/2019

The role of windage in the North Atlantic surface circulation

Dr. Soumi Chakravorty - 04/17/2019

Trade Wind charging and ENSO predictability

Dr. Chris Meinen - 04/03/2019

Structure and variability of the Antilles Current at 26.5°N

Dr. Denis Volkov - 02/12/2019

Interconnection between the Meridional Overturning Circulation, atmospheric forcing, and sea level in the Subtropical North Atlantic

Dr. Marlos Goes - 11/15/2018

An Updated Estimate of Salinity for the Atlantic Ocean Sector Using Temperature-Salinity

Dr. Greg Foltz - 11/08/2018

Vertical turbulent cooling of the mixed layer in the tropical Atlantic ITCZ and trade wind regions

Dr. Sang-Ki Lee - 09/27/18

Global meridional overturning circulation inferred from a data-constrained ocean & sea-ice model

Dr. Rick Lumpkin - 09/25/18

Statistical simulations of drogued vs. undrogued drifters to improve understanding of marine debris transport pathways

Dr. Renellys Perez - 09/04/18

Upper ocean horizontal velocity and vertical shear in the tropical North Atlantic

Dr. Sudip Majumder - 08/09/18

Propagating modes of variability and their impact on the western boundary current in the South Atlantic

Dr. Marion Kersalé - 07/17/18

Shallow and Deep Eastern Boundary Currents in the South Atlantic at 34.5°S: Mean structure and variability

Dr. George Halliwell - 01/18/18

Evaluation of Supplemental Ocean Observing Strategies in the OSSE Framework for Improving Coupled Tropical Cyclone Prediction Model Performance: Summary and Future Plans

Dr. Matthieu Le Hénaff - 12/07/17

Influence of Mississippi River plume on surface oil in the northern Gulf of Mexico

Dr. Libby Johns - 12/04/17

Physical and biological consequences of the 2010 record negative phase of the North Atlantic Oscillation

Dr. Hosmay Lopez - 11/09/17

Attributions of North American heat waves and the pivotal role of natural variability versus climate change

Dr. Renellys Perez - 10/31/17

The Tropical Atlantic Current Observations Study (TACOS) at 4N, 23W

Dr. Shenfu Dong - 10/10/17

Near-surface Salinity and Temperature Structure Observed with Dual-Sensor Drifters in the Subtropical South Pacific

Dr. Marlos Goes - 10/03/17

The variability of the Brazil current and regional impacts

Dr. Gregory Foltz - 9/28/17

Inter-basin differences in the relationship between SST on tropical cyclone intensification

Dr. Sang-Ki Lee - 9/05/17

What caused the summer retreat and winter expansion of Antarctic sea-ice in the Amundsen and Bellingshausen Seas since 1979

Dr. Claudia Schmid - 8/17/17

On the structure and variability of the Meridional Overturning Circulation in the subtropical North Atlantic

Dr. Silvia Garzoli - 8/08/17

South Atlantic Boundary Currents. Why do we care?

Dr. Rick Lumpkin - 7/27/17

Improved estimates of subinertial surface currents from drifter, wind, and altimetry data.

Dr. Sudip Majumder - 3/07/17

A Study of the Variability of the Benguela Current

Dr. Denis Volkov - 1/26/17

On the decade-long deep-ocean warming in the subtropical South Pacific

Dr. Libby Johns - 1/12/17

Sargassum accumulation in the Caribbean Sea

Dr. Matthieu Le Hénaff - 11/03/16

Cross-shelf processes in the Gulf of Mexico and the role of mesoscale dynamics in regional connectivity

Dr. Nathan Putman- 10/13/16

Environmental variability and the movement ecology of marine organisms

Dr. George R. Halliwell- 09/27/16

OSSE Evaluation of Rapid-Response Ocean Profile Surveys Prior to Hurricanes Edouard and Gonzalo

Dr. Claudia Schmid - 09/06/16

Modes of variability of the Brazil Current

Dr. Gregory Foltz - 09/15/16

Prolonged El Nino conditions in 2014-15 and the rapid intensification of Hurricane Patricia in the eastern Pacific

Dr. Sang-Ki Lee - 08/10/16

What caused the summer retreat and winter expansion of Antarctic

Dr. Marlos Goes - 07/19/16

Towards a Climate Quality XBT Probe

Dr. Chris Meinen - 07/07/16

Deep Western Boundary Current variability at 34.5°S during 2009-2014

Dr. JIli Dong - 07/05/16

Impact of underwater glider observations on forecast of Hurrican Gonzalo (2014)

Dr. Eleanor Frajka-Williams - 05/02/16

Wind-driven variability of the AMOC at 26°N, from RAPID moorings and GRACE satellite measurements

Dr. Denis Volkov - 03/03/16

Maelstrom of the Nordic Seas

Dr. Martin Saraceno - 03/01/16

Seasonal and Interannual Variability of the Brazil - Malvinas Front: an Altimetry Perspective

Dr. Sudip Majumder - 02/16/16

An Observation and Model Based Analysis of Meridional Transports in the South Atlantic

Dr. Matthieu Le Hénaff - 9/29/2015

Mississippi waters reaching South Florida reefs under no flood conditions

Dr. Silvia Garzoli - 9/24/2015

South Atlantic, meridional heat transport and the AMOC pathways

Dr. Christopher Meinen - 8/31/2015

Downstream evolution of the Gulf Stream from the Straits of Florida to the Southeast Newfoundland Ridge

Dr. Yanyun Liu - 02/24/2015

Potential Impact of Climate Change on the Intra-Americas Sea

Dr. Denis Volkov - 02/19/2015

Internal and external forcing of sea level variability in the Black Sea

Dr. Marlos Goes - 02/17/2015

Assessing the meridional overturning and heat transport uncertainties derived from the AX18 XBT transect along 34°S

Dr. Renellys Perez - 01/29/2015

Observed and Simulated Variability in the South Atlantic

Dr. David Enfield - 02/03/2015

The Amazon & El Nino: Rainfall relationships at the large scale and a special look at a regional Amazon watershed near the Andes

Dr. Hailong Liu - 01/20/2015

PDO Modulation of ENSO Effect on Tropical Cyclone Rapid Intensification in the Western North Pacific

Dr. Sang-Ki Lee - 11/20/2014

What caused the abrupt increase in Indian Ocean heat content during the first decade of the 21st century?

Dr. Elaine McDonagh - 11/18/2014

Oceanic flux of freshwater in the North Atlantic

Dr. Claudia Schmid - 10/28/2014

Analysis of the variability of transports in the subtropical SA as estimated from Argo and altimetry

Dr. Janet Sprintall - 10/16/2014

Climate Variability Observed in the Drake Passage

Dr. George Halliwell - 09/16/2014

OSSE evaluation of Ocean Observation Strategies for Improving Coupled Hurricane Forecasts

Dr. Rick Lumpkin - 09/04/2014

Influence of nonstationary mean flow on Lagrangian diffusivity calculations

Dr. Chris Meinen - 08/07/2014

Florida Current transport variability and accuracy

Dr. Pedro Di Nezio - 04/08/2014

Dynamics, predictability, and impacts of 2-year La Nina events

Dr. Marlos Goes - 02/20/2014 (partial recording)

Antarctic Intermediate Water variability: Past, present and future

Dr. Silvia Garzoli - 02/18/2014

The fate of the Deep Western Boundary Current in the South Atlantic

Dr. Yanyun Liu - 02/12/2014

Impact of Natural and Anthropogenic Climate Variability on the Gulf of Mexico

Dr. Shenfu Dong - 02/04/2014

North Atlantic Subtropical Mode Water Variability and its Simulation in Climate Models

Dr. Renellys Perez - 01/16/2014

Mean meridional currents in the central and eastern equatorial Atlantic

Dr. Sang-Ki Lee - 01/10/2014

What drives the southern subtropical anticyclones in winter?

Dr. Claudia Schmid - 09/10/2013

Transports of the Subtropical Gyre in the South Atlantic from three-dimensional velocity field based on Argo and Altimetry

Dr. Molly Baringer - 09/11/2013

Review of Meridional Heat Transport and Overturning Circulation

Dr. Elizabeth Johns - 08/28/2013

Synoptic oceanographic conditions and larval fish assemblages in the northeastern Caribbean Sea and the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System, 2006 - 2009

Dr. Gregory Foltz - 08/22/2013

Mechanisms of seasonal sea surface temperature variability in the northeastern tropical Atlantic