The Oleander Project

Zonal XBT Temperature Profiles

The Oleander Project

XBT Temperature Profiles by Longitude, 2000-present

The figures below show the temperature profiles, from XBTs deployed between 2000 and 2018, around every major longitude between New Jersey and Bermuda: 73°W [74°W to 72.5°W], 72°W [72.49°W to 71.5°W], 71°W [71.49°W to 70.5°W], 70°W [70.49°W to 69.5°W], 69°W [69.49°W to 68.5°W], 68°W [68.49°W to 67.5°W], 67°W [67.49°W to 66.5°W], 66°W [66.49°W to 65.5°W], and 65°W [65.49°W to 64°W]. Extreme outliers were removed by comparing each raw temperature profile with climatological temperature profiles. Click on each longitude's figure to view a larger figure.

If you would like to have access to the data, please contact Ricardo Domingues.

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