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The Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory is located on beautiful Virginia Key, across Biscayne Bay from downtown Miami. Since August of 1983 weather records have been kept at the Laboratory, and archived with the Miami National Weather Service on an informal basis.

Each day the high and low temperature, the 12Z relative humidity, the highest wind gust, and the rainfall total have been recorded. In addition the pressure and rainfall traces are kept, with the monthly high and low pressure recorded.

These records are kept in tabular form in both hardcopy and electronically. Below you can select a monthly table from a particular year, or a monthly average from the entire recorded period.

Monthly Ave Monthly Max
1983 Records 1984 Records 1985 Records 1986 Records
1987 Records 1988 Records 1989 Records 1990 Records
1991 Records 1992 Records 1993 Records 1994 Records
1995 Records 1996 Records 1997 Records 1998 Records
1999 Records 2000 Records 2001 Records

Click here to see current weather conditions at Miami International. Click here to see current weather conditions at RSMAS on Virginia Key.

Last modified: 04 December 2001.

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