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Hurricane Data

The Hurricane Research Division collects a variety of data sets on tropical cyclones. Each Atlantic and East Pacific hurricane seasons we conduct a field program in which we collect these data sets from the NOAA aircraft and process them. By clicking on a year from the list below you will go to a window which lists each storm from which we collected data.

Please note that we don't necessarily collect information on every hurricane that occurs, so the list won't be for all of the storms for that year.

In addition :
For wind field analysis click here.
For aircraft radar data click here.
For dropsonde data click here.
For the HURDAT reanalysis progress click here.
For data formats click here.

2015 Hurricane Season

Atlantic Basin
Ana Missions Satellite
Bill Missions Satellite
Danny Missions Radar Satellite SFMR
Erika Missions Photos Radar Satellite SFMR
Joaquin Missions Radar Satellite Sondes
Kate Missions Radar Satellite SFMR
Misc. Missions
East and CentralPacific Basin
Blanca Missions Satellite
Carlos Missions Satellite
Ela Missions Satellite
Guillermo Missions Radar Satellite
Hilda Missions Satellite
Kilo Missions Satellite
Ignacio Missions Satellite
Marty Missions Satellite
Oho Missions Satellite
Patricia Missions Photos Radar Satellite SFMR

Last Updated : June 17, 2015

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